The Best Win­dows 10 Audio­book Play­ers

[contentsdisabled] Audiobooks are now a common thing and mostly used by students. They make learning smarter and let you pity your eyes. We sometimes don’t want to read or carry heavy books, so carrying an Audiobook with you can help reduce eye strain, keep your back from being subjected to weights, and add value to your life. It’s still a good idea to do a good read and learn something you didn’t know before. Also, you can get the knowledge if you have a proper audiobook player. It’s easy to listen to the latest bestseller on your morning commute, devour a nonfiction book while doing housework like making dinner. The new problem is that many audiobook player apps are on the market. You might be too sleepy to read a book on your computer or e-reader and simply want to rest your eyes for a while. you don’t want to give up your books, on the other hand. Is there any way out? There is, of course, and is listening to audiobooks. There are several audiobook apps available that allow you to listen to audiobooks in various formats. You can have a lot of fun listening to audiobooks on your Windows PC and you can do other things in the meantime. These programs allow you to play AIF, MP3, WAV and WMA files as well as search for them using filters such as artist, title and file name.

Here is the list of the best Windows 10 audiobook players


WorkAudioBook is a powerful tool for language learners. It contains several features to improve your learning efficiency, such as splitting the audio file into phrases, auto-pause between phrases and phrases, auto-repeat files and folders. It also lets you edit subtitles, add notes to files and folders, and automatically save the words for study. It also has options to bookmark a file, play bookmark files and delete bookmarks. The audiobook can be divided into phrases and you will be able to choose the length of the preferred phrase. You will be able to browse through terms and check their definitions in the dictionary while playing the book. You can also tag a file, play tagged files, delete tagged files, and so on. To do this, simply select the * button of the available options. This audiobook player software has features how to add notes to folders and files, create word lists to study and practice writing. The tool can also be used to change subtitles.

My audiobook player

The designer wrote this program to read MP3 audio books with speed/pitch control and file tagging capability. In fact, he did. Audiobook Reader allows you to change the volume, pitch and voice speed of playback. It also displays the playlist, track progress and playlist progress. Below the playlist, you can see these buttons—play/pause/stop/save list/load list/add files/clear list. It also contains a line of buttons that let you skip from start to finish or fast forward or rewind 10 and 60 seconds. It will reload the last book from where you left off at startup unless you clear the list. It allows you to create audiobook playlists and with this playlist you can get information about the title, track, genre, album and its duration. In My Audiobook Reader, you can also set multiple markers on tracks if you don’t want to get lost. For now, mp3 is the only supported format. You don’t need to install this audiobook reader on your computer, just unzip the zip file into a directory of your choice and put a shortcut to the file “My Audiobook Reader.exe” on your desktop.


Trout is a small, lightweight, portable and freeware audiobook player with wide format support. Now it can support many kinds of formats such as AIFF, AIF, AIFC, MP1, MP2, MP3, OGA, OGG, WAV, MO3, XM, MOD, S3M, IT, MTM and so on. It has a custom hotkey system. There are several different play modes – play file, playlist, repeat file, repeat list, shuffle, shuffle. Playback controls allow you to play, pause, stop, go to the next file, navigate to the previous file, play the first file, and play the last file. Track ads are a special design for audiobooks. You can play, pause, stop, go to the previous file, go to the next file, play the first file and even play the last file using the playback controls. The program can display information about the files you added, such as file name, year, genre, title, type, path, time, size, bitrate and composer. In the Edit menu, you can edit the file’s tag information, such as track, title, artist, album, year, title, genre, and so on. ID3v1, ID3v2.2/3/4, OGG/FLAC Vorbis comments, WMA, APEv2, MP4/ALAC/AAC are among the formats supported by the software.

1 for 1

1by1 is a free, small and fast audio player that is not only small but also provides a versatile environment to listen to your music and audiobooks without the need for playlists or databases. How it works? When you open this player, it will display your PC drives in the left column, just find your music or audio book directories. It will directly play the contents of your folder. your most important feature is remembering the last track and position, which makes listening to audio books easier. When playing files, you have the option to copy, move and rename them. You can adjust track position and volume using the program. The app also has a repeat track option. The elapsed and total time options in the title bar will show you how much time is left to complete a file. MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AAC, CD and MP4 are among the formats supported by the application.

free audio player

Free Audio Reader (FAR) is a simple audiobook reading program with various functions like bookmarking, editing tags, creating playlists, viewing covers and so on. You can also use the software to play slideshows and convert text to speech. You will be able to resume playback from the same point where you stopped and the files will have stopped playing. MP3, WMA, WAV, MID, FSB, FBM and TXT files can be played by the software. The following are some of the available playback options: play, top, index, text file and more. Free Audio Reader is a simple and lightweight audiobook player for Windows. No need for installation. Double-click “FAR.exe” to open it. Click on “file” button in the upper left corner, click “open” to choose audio books from your computer. Once the audiobooks are uploaded, you will see them in the playlist column with author, album, track number, title, year, genre and comments displayed. You are also allowed to change the information in the tags. but the best feature is “TextRead” which allows you to load a text file from your PC and have the software read it aloud.


This is one of the most used media players and it can also be used to listen to audiobooks. It includes several tools for listening to audiobooks. You can also add your audiobooks to the library and listen to them whenever you want. You can sync your audiobooks to your iPhone or iPad using iTunes. You can also choose to automatically search the media files and play them at any time. These files can be added to a playlist, ID3 tags can be converted and AAC versions of audiobooks created. You can also use filters to sort audiobooks, such as name, genre, title, year, and so on. iTunes is the best way to organize and enjoy your music and TV, but it can do more than that. It is also a good audiobook player. We can’t say it’s the best, but we have to admit it’s the most beautiful. With the very beautiful interface, it can also manage your audiobooks by artists, albums, songs or genres, which will let you find the audiobook you want to read very quickly.

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