As a result, you don’t have enough freedom to customise macOS. Apple macOS does not provide a natural way to organise open app windows. The split view can only be used to compare two apps side by side. On Mac, you must utilise third-party best window manager apps for Mac to manage many apps at the same time. As you want best window manager apps for Mac, you begin to consider how convenient it would be if you could move windows about to where you want them. People currently use many screens, especially artists, developers, and editors who work in multiple windows at the same time, so managing their windows is an important chore.

Here is the list of Best Window Manager Apps for Mac


Magnet is a popular best window manager apps for Mac that is similar to Rectangle. Rectangle and this have some parallels in various ways. The same cannot be said about the pricing issue. Magnet is a commercial app accessible through the Mac App Store, as opposed to Rectangle, which is open-source and free. When it comes to functionality, ordering and rearranging windows is as simple as dragging programme windows to different locations on the screen. To move windows, you can use your mouse to drag and drop them to the correct location, or you can utilise keyboard shortcuts.


If you don’t want to pay for Magnet right now, try the Rectangle programme for Mac instead. Rectangle is available for free download. It is similar to Magnet in a few ways, but without the price tag. To get the task done without lifting your fingers from the computer, you can either snap windows from the menu bar or master necessary keyboard shortcuts. Rectangle is the best window manager apps for Mac that works with macOS 10.11 and Apple silicon. Rectangle Pro costs $10 and unlocks additional features such as faster window snapping, unique keyboard shortcuts for any size and location, and iCloud sync compatibility.


Moom is the best window manager apps for Mac that you can download from the app store for roughly $10, or you can purchase it directly from the developer. This software is nearly 5-star rated and ranks quite high in utility apps. After installing Moom on your Mac laptop, you can use it as a dock-based programme, a menu bar icon, or a fully invisible software that runs in the background of your computer. You can choose certain modification options by going into the programme itself. If you come across the preferences menu, you can begin by inspecting the zoom button control. It implies that when you hover your cursor over the green zoom button on any window, the Moom will be triggered.


Mosaic is the next best window manager apps for Mac on our list. We have a habit of utilising too many apps at once on Windows OS, whether it’s File Explorer, a web page, or any other day-to-day operation. However, when it comes to Mac, things may become more complex. Mosaic is your rescue in this situation! Mosaic is meant to assist you in placing and categorising Windows so that they are within your grasp. For example, there is a layout and Group tab that ensures you have complete control over customising the entire Windows layout and organising them to your liking.


Amethyst is the best window manager apps for Mac that is similar to the popular xmonad tiling window manager for Linux. Amethyst is written in Objective-C and has customizable shortcuts, multi-monitor support, different layouts, and the ability to float specific apps. This application does not require any command-line skills to run. Amethyst allows you to switch between various window layouts. Layouts can also be enabled/disabled to regulate their appearance in the cycle sequence.


Because Spectacle is an open source window manager for macOS, it is entirely free. Don’t be deceived by its low price; it competes with our top picks. However, one element is lacking that may be a deal breaker for some customers. Spectacle only allows you to resize the window via user-defined keyboard shortcuts. There is no drag-and-drop functionality for resizing your windows here. However, you will not have to sacrifice speed or accuracy when utilising this software. If you’re looking for a free tool to help you manage your Windows, this is it.


If you’re picky about how your tasks are organised, and we mean picky, OmniFocus is the tool for you. The best window manager apps for Mac is a power user’s fantasy, as it allows you to organise your tasks in nearly unlimited ways. You can set up three different types of projects, for example. The Inbox view for unsorted tasks. Forecast for seeing scheduled tasks in context with any of your macOS Calendar events, and Review for going over your uncompleted tasks at the end of the day or week to determine if they’re still relevant to you are the default views. If this isn’t enough, you may construct your own views so that you only see personal tasks or to-dos relating to a select set of clients that are due this week.


Divvy is another capable best window manager apps for Mac operating system. The software is rather simple to use and does not necessitate the learning of several keyboard keys in order to fully utilise it. One of the best features of Divvy is the rapid layout configuration interface on the screen. The rapid setup interface in Divvy not only saves time but also gives a simple method for people new to window management. For expert users, keyboard shortcuts can still be used for rapid window snapping. Not to mention that the software allows you to customise the keyboard keys, change preferences for numerous visual settings.


Swish is the best window manager apps for Mac based on trackpad motions. Swish’s distinctive feature is that it can not only control your windows, but it can also open and close apps. To use these gestures, navigate to the toolbar of any of the apps and scroll down. To see what this software can accomplish, launch it and navigate to the Windows tab. You will be given several alternatives, including quit, close, minimise, fullscreen, and switching between spaces. A minimising icon will appear; simply let it go, and the windows will be moved to the dock. If you wait too long and obtain no reaction, it will automatically presume that it will vanish.

Final Words

However, the best window manager apps for Mac is dealing with numerous windows on macOS might be difficult. That’s why you need a dependable third-party window manager like Parallels Toolbox to help you organise your desktop. Consider Parallels Toolbox to be a productivity application that handles the time consuming chore of window arrangement when working with numerous apps at the same time.

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