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Being a freelance writer is one of the fastest growing careers in the writing industry. The career owes this popularity to its many advantages, such as; no normal office routine, no daily commute, and the freedom to work from any corner of the world However, if you take a peek into the world of freelance writing, you see that as a freelance writer you have to wear a lot of hatsOne is required to manage the existing clientele and look for new clients, generate ideas, research topics, managing your business, dealing with finances and with all this, quality writing So for all hard-working freelance writers out there, here’s one list of 20 useful tools that can help you find new ideas, make catchy heads, create shareable images for your blog, write without distraction, and more.

1. Hubspotà ¢  ?? s Blog Topic Generator

This app works quite simply enter one to three words what you want to write about and hit enterIn no time you will get a list of possible blog post topics based on your wordsOf course, if you get results, you have to manually choose a topic and rearrange the words accurately fit your needs

2. Hemmingway

Writing isn’t just about knowing catchy sentences and showing off your broad vocabulary. Your job is to make your text readable and easy to understandHemmingway helps you with that emphasizes complex sentences, suggests alternatives to larger ones words, and more.

3. Ahrefs Site Explorer

Ahrefs is one popular marketing tool that allows you to research backlinks, organic traffic and keywords. However, it also produces a report that shows which of your competitors’ content works best in Google and on social media. Such data can be very helpful to writers in creating new blog post ideas. This tool is actually paid, but there is a 2 week free trial

4. CoScheduleà ¢  ?? s Headline Analyzer

Headline Analyzer is a unique tool that allows you to check your headline score. It will also tell you an analysis of how much common, unusual, powerful and emotional words has your title, show what it will look like in Google, and give some tips to improve it.

5. Cumbersome

Wordy is a site that offers real-time human editorial servicesJust submit your content and wait for an editor to claim the job is done. It gives you access to editors from all major time zonesso you can get your edited text very quickly.

6. Canva

Canva is a great online tool that allows you to do that create any kind of image including; blog post images, presentations, Facebook and Instagram posts, social media account covers, resumes, letters and more You can add text to your images, use pre-made image templates and adapt them to your needs using a simple online editorCanva is too available for iOS

7. Grammatically

Grammar is the world most popular and accurate grammar checkerIt scans your text properly use of advanced grammar rules, corrects spelling, suggests synonym and improves your vocabularyIt works in any program or text editor you use.


Streak is a simple Gmail extension you can use track your sent emailsIt warns you when a recipient opens your email, which can be extremely useful for sending guest messages and chasing customers. You can also schedule emails to send later, create snippets and add shortcuts

9. Copy tape

Plagiarism is a common problem in the writing world. So this app will help you check if the item is original and uniqueIt can be helpful when you have a guest post on your blog or buy some ready-made messages

10. TweetDis

With this app you can add fun text boxes to your article or highlight specific text to encourage people to tweetThis way, your posts will get more engagement and stand out on Twitter. You can also choose box design to make it fit well into your blog design.

11. WordCounter

The more you use a particular word, the less effective it becomes. Wordcounter can help you with that fix word repetition quicklyAll you need to do is put your text in a block, check the settings and the tool will show that you have used too much words so you can replace them

12. Focus booster

Focus Booster is one online timer specially made for freelancers based on the Pomodoro time recording techniquePomodoro technique is a method that relies on 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest and so on. It helps you separate tasks and stay more productive

13. Writing space

Write Room is a tool for Mac users who want to use a distraction-free zone for writingWith a completely black background and no menu options, it helps you focus on write without losing concentration

14. Darkroom

If you read above and thought à ¢  ?? A ?? Gosh, another tool for Mac users..à ¢  ??  ??, here’s DarkRoom which is the same distraction-free writing zone, but for PC ownersIt actually is a clone of Write Room, to give a specific writing environment especially for Windows users

15. Google Keep

It’s an app you can make quick notes, a checklist or write down your ideas. There is even one search box to quickly scroll through your notesIt has a minimalist skin, but in fact it is a full-featured notes appHer available for Android, iOS, Chrome and WebYou can record the audio and control the app with your voice.

16. Skitch by Evernote

To annotate a screenshot, document or image you can use Skitch from Evernote. This tool for Mac, iPhone and iPad makes it extremely simple and easy add arrows, text, stamps and more to images and documents

17. Pexels

Pexels is one of the largest free image folders that offers high quality images for your articles and blog postsIt has collected photos from many other free image sites and photographers under one roof. You can use the search box to find the image you need

18. TextExpander

TextExpander is a great tool that provides replaces a word or a few letters with everything you wish. It’s a service that helps you type faster and be more productive. For example, it can change letters à ¢  ?? A ?? tufvà ¢  ?? A ?? in à ¢  ?? A ?? thanks for visiting à ¢  ?? A ??All your fragments are stored in a cloudso you can use this tool anywhere.

19. Focus @ Will

It’s a web app that you set time blocks and choose music to play while you work. This method can help you with that stay focused on one task and is one perfect choice for writersIt has a unique collection of instrumental music that you won’t find anywhere else, so you can listen to anything you want

20. Feedly

I like to use Feedly for this subscribe to news from top blogsYou can search a particular blog or topic to subscribe to, or organize your feed in collections to easily find what you need. In addition, you can set up alerts to find out when someone mentions the name of your blog or brand all over the internet.

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