These best XML editors provide pre-programmed elements required for the creation of interactive technology or software products. Depending on the DTD or XML tree, these editors contain features like tag completion and other choices that are typical in XML editing. Every application is made up of a collection of codes that operate on the backend and guarantee that all actions are carried out as efficiently as possible. To address the query, code editors are used to manage these code files.

Here is the list of Best XML Editors

Oxygen XML

The best XML editors is Oxygen XML is a company that focuses on offering customers with a set of tools that have built-in capabilities that make their jobs easier. Users can manage documentation and debugging in XML files with ease. The best thing about using this tool is that it can be used by both novice and advanced developers. This is a standalone application with a variety of embedded features to help you organise your job more effectively. This solution will allow you to instal Single Source Publishing, making CMS management easier. It allows you to simply manage your website by allowing you to work with both JSON and XML tools.

Code Browser

Code Browser is the best XML editors that works on both Windows and Linux. It is a simple XML editor that allows you to edit multiple XML files at the same time. This software’s Code Folding function allows you to bury numerous lines of code under one major headline in order to keep your screen from becoming overloaded. There is also a Built-in Links function that allows you to construct links within XML files that point to another area of the same file. This improves the usability of your XML files. The best part about this XML editor is that it supports Custom Tools, which allow you to perform customised operations such as starting another application via Code web Browser.


Don’t rely on overly complicated, poorly integrated systems. Improved knowledge experiences lead to improved customer experiences, improved staff experiences, and more lucrative enterprises. Write once and publish everywhere. Heretto is the best XML editors for automates the publishing process to all of your channels, resulting in quick updates and attractive outputs. Provide your customers with what they desire. At every touchpoint, provide tailored and easily searchable product information in any language. There are no longer knowledge gaps. Empower your team by making knowledge easily accessible for better, faster customer service. Everyone has an important job to perform.


Our solutions, Xeditor and Xpublisher, provide collaborative content development, comprehensive management, and simple publishing across all platforms. This enables highly automated journal and technical documentation generation. Our best XML editors allows you to easily create, edit, and review structured information. You may access all of your XML documents at any time and from any location. And, regardless of technical ability, you can collaborate with other authors in real time. Manage and structure your material as well as any additional digital assets with our online publishing system Xpublisher for fully automated, rapid, and accurate multichannel publishing.


Emacs is a popular piece of best XML editors that has made it easier for users to efficiently execute their XML code. With this tool at your disposal, you can rapidly check for various files and ensure that the code is simply implemented. The built-in support for arbitrary size integers helps to avoid compilation issues. This utility handles its text shaping with HarfBuzz to limit the possibility of errors and issues with the code’s efficiency. This application also has native JSON Parsing capabilities, making it easy for users to manage their website operations. The tool now works better with Cairo drawings to help with graphics and photos.


XmlPad is the best XML editors for Windows laptops and Mac pc. This software provides three alternative sorts of views for our XML files: Grid, Table, and Preview, all of which boost usefulness. You can also use this software to open your XML files via their URLs. This software’s Color Syntax Highlighting feature allows you to highlight the text of your XML files. Line Numbers can also be enabled for each line in your XML file for improved readability.


Notepad++ is a free source best XML editors and Notepad substitute that supports a variety of languages. Its use in the MS Windows environment is controlled by the GNU General Public License. Notepad++ is written in C++ and employs pure Win32 API and STL, resulting in faster execution and less programme size. It is based on the advanced editing component Scintilla. Notepad++ is attempting to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions by optimising as many processes as feasible while maintaining user friendliness. When less CPU power is used, the PC can throttle down and consume less power, resulting in a greener environment.


Paligo, a cloud-based CCMS system that allows for single-sourcing content reuse, is a professional technical documentation solution. Topic-based authoring, component reuse, block content reuse, and unique text fragment reuse can all be used to reuse material at scale. Structured publication based on open standards XML assures the integrity and resilience of your material. Dynamic conditional text, media, and media make it simple to reuse content. Filter material by market, product, audience, and a variety of best XML editors. Structured authorship promotes uniformity, accuracy, and content that is future-proof.

Final Words

As you can see, there are numerous XML editors accessible. When selecting the best XML editors for your development, you must select an alternative that is appropriate for your needs. Nonetheless, we did our best and enlisted solid and widely used XML editors by developers, code authors, and code editors. There are numerous best XML editors available. If you are purchasing an XML Editor for personal use, we recommend that you first experiment with a free XML editor before moving on to a licenced one.

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