The Best YIFY Alternatives For Torrenting

[contentsdisabled] Torrent sites have always been very uncommon when it comes to downloading movies or software, yes we know how to use them to our advantage, but due to their demand, these torrent sites often face punitive issues from the government or private agencies who complain about copyrighted content on these platforms, the real reason they are under scrutiny is because of the illegal copyright issues that could affect the sites. Many of us also consider downloading these files based on the popularity and appeal of the stars, forgetting about the hard work of copyright owners who depend on their income. Yify is a peer-to-peer distribution network known for distributing a large number of Yify movies as free downloads via bit torrent software. Many downloaders were attracted by Yify movie releases because it offers consistent HD video quality with limited file size which is an alternative to Yify. The most popular and widely used torrent download platform is YIFY movie torrents, also known as YTS. It specializes in providing high definition movies and television shows. It uses peer-to-peer greetings to let users download latest movies with Bit Torrent.

Check the list of the best YIFY alternatives for torrent


RARBG is generally better for new torrents, so if you’re looking for something old, obscure, or hard to find, it’s probably not your best bet. But for quality versions of recently loaded torrents, RARBG is a good place to stop, despite the occasional pop.up Ads. RARBG might not be as attractive as 1337x, but it’s still decently organized as far as BitTorrent search engines go. When searching for something, you’ll get detailed results with icons showing the torrent’s category, so you can easily see which results are what you’re looking for (e.g. movies) and which aren’t related (like music or other things).

The Bay of Pirates

The Pirate Bay is a tool for searching torrent files and magnet links. It became very popular several years ago as a way to find torrents and magnet links that are up so far and can be downloaded conveniently in a torrent download tool. However, its popularity was largely due to the fact that it made it easy to find links to illegal files, such as those that violate copyright laws in many countries. The founders of The Pirate Bay were found guilty in Sweden of aiding in copyright infringement and sent to prison. And in some territories, like the EU, internet service providers must block access to the website. However, in other countries it can be accessed legally.


Most people now recognize torrents as an excellent file sharing protocol with the ability to download music, movies and other software for free. While there are several decent options out there these days, Torlock was set above all other torrents as the clear winner. Torlock users can literally access everything from games to music and movies with just one click, not to mention they can download larger files anywhere at any time. Before using Torlock, it is important to remember that torrents are considered pirated sites in many countries and are often blocked to protect copyright issues. However, there are still mirror links that allow access.


The Lime Torrents website is safe to use. You can use the LimeTorrents search engine to get the torrent files you want or browse the categories to get some inspiration. You select the file and download. It’s fast and the site doesn’t show you ads, pop-ups or shady labyrinths of links to get the content you want to download. Most of the torrents listed contain copyrighted material, and while torrenting is legal, piracy is not. The site allows its users to download files for free, available at a premium price elsewhere. And for all these reasons, LimeTorrents is blocked in several regions of the world.

Extractorrent is an alternative torrent site server, but if we compare this site with another torrent site, it is a 2nd place torrent site worldwide. You can download anything here like movies, game software, anything you want. Simple search and grab the magnet link and start the download. If you search any movie to get many different links here, select any best link, read description and start downloading is very simple. The site is very user-friendly because you have to type in the name and you will get the same Google search result. All news are updated on the first page of the site.


Once you find a torrent you want to download at 1337x, select it to access the final download page. On this page there are two options: Magnet Download and Torrent Download. The download you choose should depend on the method you are using to download torrents. Before getting a torrent from this site, double check the total size value. In the example above, we see that the total size of the torrent is less than 800 MB. So we need to ensure that the torrent client can download such large files. Some of them have no data limit, but be sure to check.


Best website downloads on the internet! We don’t care what you do on the internet. We only store the data you entered during registration. The password is stored encrypted with a one-way algorithm, we don’t know. Access logs are kept for 24 hours for security purposes and then deleted. Zooqle is a non-profit internet indexing service, all data is aggregated and indexed without human intervention. Make sure you know the rules in your country as it is illegal to download copyrighted or pirated content, so avoid downloading these torrents.

Kickass torrents

The main purpose of Kickass Torrents is to provide users with a user-friendly interface that will make searching for torrents easier and more organized. We do our best to set a new high standard for torrent sites and take the entire p2p user community into a new era. Kickass Torrents or KAT is a torrent search engine launched in 2008 and operated by a dedicated team spread all over the world. From day one, KAT has aimed to set a new standard for torrent search engines and provide a user-friendly interface that will make searching for torrents easier and more organized.


It replaced the old Torrentz. However, this torrent site is very simple to use. Just type in the content you are looking for and it will search torrent platforms to provide you with the best torrent file. However, there isn’t much to say about the Torrentz2 torrent site’s user interface. You will be greeted with a search box that allows you to search for the desired torrent file. Torrentz2 is nothing more than the replacement site for Torreentz2 is a meta-search engine as it shows the combined result of content from other Torrent sites. Here, by putting keywords in the search bar, users can find out the best results they are looking for.


You need to protect yourself before downloading anything from EZTV, as alleged hackers (or scammers, say the original site admins) control the main EZTV site. That doesn’t mean EZTV’s content isn’t worth your time. You just need to be extra careful. It’s hard to establish whether the group is a scam, but the original owners claim they’ve gone to great lengths to alert the torrenting community about them. A few other major torrent sites, including The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents, also supported the site’s previous owners.

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