The Blink app allows you to set the schedule for arming and disarming the camera, set the sensitivity, length of recording time, how long to record after motion stops, and much more Unlike the Wyze app (and other home security cameras such as Arlo Q), the Blink app allows you to does not show a live view from the Mini when the app is opened. Rather, it displays a relatively recent still image. I can see why this would be the case with a battery-powered XT2 camera, but I would prefer the wired Mini to automatically display the live view. The Blink Mini comes with a small stand for placing it on a shelf or counter top and screws for mounting it on a wall or ceiling. The screws are also used to secure the unit to the wall or ceiling. Zoom and activity zones can be set to focus on specific spots, but there is no pan or tilt capability. If you want to pan and tilt with the Blink Mini, the Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Mount can help. This new accessory, currently available for $30, upgrades the camera to full 360° view capability. It also enhances the design of the Blink Mini. What I found most outstanding after testing a series of indoor cameras is that you don’t have to swipe (swipe and swipe repeatedly) to move around the view. The app has up/down/left/right pads that allow you to press the direction you want to move the camera without swiping.

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