The new A10 still has an all-plastic frame, but it borrows certain styling cues from the A40 and A50 for a better fit and a more streamlined appearance than the outgoing model. With rounded, rectangular plastic rings holding the earpads against similarly shaped backs, the earcups are now two-piece constructions. Similar to the A40 and A50, the earcup backs include integrated vertical arms that link to the headband and glide up and down to produce a better fit. The pressure and weight of the headset are evenly distributed by the wide, lightweight headband. Due to material improvements, the A10’s floating earcups and vertically moving struts provide an even more comfortable fit than the A10. Instead of being covered in felt, the earpads are now covered in a soft, breathable fabric that has a layer of plush, soft memory foam underneath. The material-matched, generous cushioning under the headband makes sure the headset never feels too tight on the head. The left earcup’s rear houses the boom mic, which has a long, flexible rubber arm. The bottom edge of each earcup has a 3.5mm connection for attaching the headset to the 6.6-foot cable that comes with it. The cable has a four-pole, 3.5mm plug as its termination and an inbuilt remote control with a volume wheel. If your PC has separate headphone and microphone connections, a 3.5mm splitter adapter is also provided. As a wired, analogue gaming headset, the Astro A10 is compatible with all of the major game consoles (via the controllers on the PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One/Series, as well as the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode), PCs and Macs, as well as any smartphone with a headphone connector. The A10 does not have simulated surround sound technology as a result. However, the audio technology is already there in the PlayStation 5 and may be added to the Xbox and PC. A good, clear boom mic is essential for any gaming headset. The test recordings were clear and didn’t include any stray fan noises from my laptop or its cooler. For the affordable price of the headset, it’s a good mic that works well for voice chat as well as sporadic recording and streaming. We advise purchasing a dedicated USB microphone if you’re serious about creating content, whether it be podcasts or other types of media.

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