The E900’s build quality is a mixed bag. The headset is disconcertingly light right out of the box, even lighter than the previously reviewed E910 headset. The cables that come with the headset are of poor quality, with standard rubber shrouding. There is no premium braiding to be found here. The band is very good for the price, with a good amount of bend and flex. The ear cup housing is standard plastic, which is solid enough but not strong enough to withstand more than a few drops. The yolks are surprisingly strong and rigid, and the aluminum is finished in a vibrant scarlet, with other color options available. The microphone feels good, but as will be discussed later, it performs poorly. It is easily adjustable and holds its position well. Because of its length, the boom ends up slightly to the side of your mouth. This prevents erroneous breathing and popping noises, which prevents angry comments from teammates, which is always a good thing. The E900 headset’s design is mostly understated, with a few splashes of color here and there. It’s worth noting that the red color scheme we received was the review sample, but it’s also available in purple and green. The headset is mostly black, with a matte finish that looks like brushed aluminum but is entirely plastic, save for the yolks, which are surprisingly robust machined aluminum. The color options are solid, and we believe this headset would easily fit into any aesthetic you already have for your gaming setup. The earcups look nice enough, but as we’ll see later, they’re not durable enough for long gaming sessions. The exterior of their earcups bear the EKSA logo, which is simple in design but hints at the headset’s gaming purpose. The leatherette carry bag’s design is unremarkable, with the color scheme’s red reflected in the drawstrings. Overall, we’re impressed with the E900s’ design; it’s reserved but has a few flashes of flair that help the headset stand out in comparison to other budget models.

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