The Fitbit Inspire 3 looks similar to the Inspire 2, with a slightly wider and longer main unit and a similarly shaped, but slightly redesigned, silicone band. It retains the sleek and light appearance and feel of its predecessor, and it, too, is very comfortable on the wrist and simple to use for most activities. The silicone grips your skin just enough to prevent uncomfortable movements while exercising, though it may pull a few hairs if you tighten it up – which is recommended for the most accurate heart rate readings. The Fitbit Inspire 3 is the first Inspire with a colour display, which is an impressive addition given that it did not appear to affect battery life in our testing. The display is very bright, and it has an always-on mode that allows you to check the time and your step count without having to wake the device. For the price, the Fitbit Inspire 3 offers a comprehensive set of health-tracking features, including SpO2 monitoring, which measures the amount of oxygen in your blood. While athletes and fitness enthusiasts have used SpO2 readings to track BO dips, potentially as a warning sign of hypoxia, and to aid in sleep and recovery tracking. This particular health metric has been more widely known for a few years now, as it was a key indicator of how well a patient recovered from the Covid-19 pandemic. In our testing, the Inspire 3’s heart rate monitoring was reasonably accurate, and this data feeds into many other features of the device, such as calorie count and exercise zones. Fitbit added irregular heart rhythm notifications to the Inspire 2, and the Inspire 3 has this potentially life-saving feature as well. It also includes Fitbit’s full suite of useful and simple sleep and stress tracking features. You’ll need a Fitbit Premium subscription to access the Sleep Profile data and Daily Readiness scores. The sleep tracker divides your night’s sleep into four categories: awake time, REM, light sleep, and deep sleep, and assigns you a Sleep Score based on how much time you spent in each of these sleep phases.

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