Like most true wireless headsets, the JBL Tune 215TWS run for about 5 hours on a single charge, with the included charging case providing an additional 20 hours of use. The case charges via USB-C. Indicator lights on the earbuds show low battery and charging status. There are lights on the front of the case to indicate charging status. The case and earphones fully charge in about 2 hours. The charging case is larger than some competitors, but not too big for a pocket. A magnetic clasp secures the earphones to the charging port. Unlike some other earphones, the 215TWS are easy to remove from the case thanks to the finish. JBL promised bass on the packaging, and they delivered. But the highs and mids still come through clearly. If you know the JBL sound profile, then you know what to expect from these earphones. JBL lists the frequency response of the 6mm drivers as 20-20,000 Hz. Unlike some other JBL headphones, the TWS are not supported by the JBL Connect app, which is fine. App customizations often lead to more confusion and complexity than a better listening experience. The JBL Tune 215TWS do away with gesture sensors and use real buttons instead. The right button answers calls and pauses music, while the left button skips to the next song. A double tap on the right button calls up the primary voice assistant. A 2-second hold turns mute on or off. A 5-second hold invokes Bluetooth connect mode, and a triple tap sends the two earbuds searching for each other in case the stereo is lost. Check Deal 

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