It also supports wireless and wired connections. You can use the included wireless USB dongle with your PS5, PS4, or PC. Noise-cancelling microphone, wired connection via 3.5 millimeter cable, volume control wheel; let’s get into the specifics of this gaming headset and see if it merits the attention it has received. The overall finish of the NUBWO G06 gaming headset is satisfactory. The ergonomics or user comfort may be considered above average. The headset is entirely made of plastic for overall quality. They don’t feel particularly high quality for the price, nor do they feel particularly low, but rather somewhere in the middle. We’d expect a slightly nicer-looking finish, but most headphones at this price point are likely to be plastic with a similar quality finish. The earmuffs on the headphones are slightly more comfortable than some of the others in this price range that we’ve tested. It does not feel particularly comfortable in terms of comfort. They did have a bit of a break-in period for me where they were a little uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. After two to three hours of editing or gaming. There is a volume wheel that can be used to change the volume by rolling it up and down. There is a power button that allows the user to turn the product on and off. There is also an audio jack where you can plug in your audio cable and a button to mute and unmute the microphone to switch it into USB or Bluetooth mode. The headphones will take approximately four hours to fully charge, and when fully charged, a red light will illuminate. When the headset has finished charging, the led indicator will turn blue. The headset comes with a USB-C cable, which is convenient given that everything is moving to USB-C. Another important aspect of a gaming headset is the microphone quality, as gamers will always want and need to communicate with their teammates. The manufacturer claims that the NUBWO G06 wireless gaming headset has a play time of 17 hours. If you use this headset at maximum volume, it may not last for 17 hours. If you only want to use these in wireless mode and are concerned about the battery life.

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