For the time being, it is compatible with any Samsung Galaxy phone running Android 10 and the most recent version of Samsung’s SmartThings Find app. The app is built into Samsung’s UI’s pull-down windowshade, so it’s always accessible. When you tap to add a new device, the tag is automatically detected, and it’s simple to set up. Your phone can activate your SmartTag and vice versa. The SmartTag also has a feature that Tile does not: it can be used to initiate home automation routines via Samsung’s SmartThings app. When the Tag is pressed or long-pressed, you can configure the app to turn other devices on and off or to send notifications. SmartThings does not control as many devices as Alexa and Google Assistant; it is primarily compatible with Samsung products. You can select from ten tinny ringtones. At six inches, the piercing tones reach 89dB, which is slightly louder than the Tile Mate and significantly louder than the Tile Slim. A Bluetooth-powered tracker should be as cheap, small, and loud as possible. The Tile Mate has taken years to perfect, and the Samsung SmartTag is struggling to keep up. It has a shorter range and a smaller user base, and it is only compatible with Samsung phones. The upcoming UWB-powered tracker from Samsung is likely to be more appealing. For the time being, the SmartTag is like the cherry on top of the S21 sundae: tasty, but not much on its own.

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