The front of the smartwatch is dominated by an AMOLED display, while the back features a heart rate monitor as well as other health sensors. The smartwatch has a brushed aluminum frame that gives it its high-end look and holds the touchscreen in place. The right side houses two buttons and has a soft silicone strap for a comfortable user experience. The wristband of the wearable has a perpetual matte texture that pulls against the skin and you won’t feel any discomfort. Despite its larger battery, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is still lightweight. You also won’t feel any issues when interacting with the smartwatch or using the digital bezels. The physical buttons also register feedback very well and the touchscreen is also very responsive. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has a bright and vivid display. Both sizes of the Galaxy Watch 5 feature a circular Super AMOLED display. The 44mm version has a 1.19 inch screen and the 44mm variant has a 1.39 inch screen. The screen of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 offers a much better screen resolution than other high-end smartwatches available in the market. The smartwatch offers up to 1000 nits of brightness, which makes it easy to see in direct sunlight. Samsung has also added new watch faces that make the display sharper and brighter. Another major improvement made to the Galaxy Watch 5 involves its screen. The wearable’s screen is made more durable thanks to sapphire crystal. The company claims that the Galaxy Watch 5’s screen is 60 percent more durable than its predecessor. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 runs on Wear OS 3 and offers multiple fitness and health tracking features. The all-new Galaxy Watch 5 is also equipped with a temperature sensor that claims to measure skin temperature and alert the user to signs of fever. However, this feature is not very useful and is mostly a gimmick.

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