The Sesh Evo’s earpieces are tiny, lightweight, and come with three pairs of silicone eartips (in S, M, and L) to help them stay in place for a secure and comfortable fit. Internally, 6mm drivers with a 32-ohm impedance deliver a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz. The charging case is relatively small, with an eggshell-like finish, a flip-top lid, and status LEDs on the front face that indicate how much battery life is remaining. The included charging cable plugs into a USB-C port on the back panel. An IP55 rating indicates that the earphones can withstand light splashes and dust exposure. These are modest numbers when compared to truly waterproof models, but they are still useful. Wearing the Sesh Evo in the rain should be fine, and wiping the earpieces with a damp cloth should also be fine, as long as you don’t get the case wet and don’t expose the earpieces to significant water pressure. On the outer panel of each ear, there is a single push-button control, with the left and right earpieces handling different tasks. Pressing both buttons simultaneously for two seconds activates or deactivates the earpieces after four seconds. Tapping either button once starts or stops music, or answers or ends a phone call. A two-second press on the left side navigates backward a track, while a two-second press on the right earpiece navigates forward, and a double tap on either ear lowers or raises the volume. Three taps activate your phone’s voice assistant, and four taps cycle through the available EQ modes: Movie, Music, or Podcast. The earphones are Tile-enabled, so if you misplace them, you can find them using the Tile app. Skullcandy estimates that the battery will last about five hours on a single charge, with the case holding an additional 15 hours, but your results will vary depending on your volume levels. Let’s start with the EQ modes. Podcast mode, predictably, focuses on the human voice range and reduces the bass response slightly. Movie mode appears to emphasize the same frequency range aspects that you’d expect from a soundbar—the lows are pumped, but the highs are also sculpted for clear dialogue. Music mode, as expected, is what we recommend for listening to music. The bass is boosted here, but the overall sound signature feels a little less sculpted than in the other two modes. This is all relative; of course, all three modes are highly sculpted and do not provide a true sound signature.

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