As over-the-ear headphones, the MDR-7506s are extremely slim and fit differently than many studio headphones. They are designed so that there is no distance between the ear and the foam covering the drivers. The vinyl-wrapped ear cups are heated but have a moderate tightness and fit well with little pressure from the foam-covered headband. The drivers (which are covered with thin foam) sit almost on top of the ear, and the fit is strangely similar to on-ear headphones. The ear cups, on the other hand, are partially positioned around the ear, but also ride slightly above the ear. Connecting the 3.5mm jack to the sound source is simple, and although Bluetooth has reduced the availability of wired headphones, the Sony MDR-7506 is foldable and thin, making it more portable than many over-the-ear wired headphones (except for the heavy coiled The MDR-7506 also includes a 1/4-inch adapter for use with headphone amplifiers, mixers, audio interfaces, professional cameras, synthesizers, and other hard-wired audio equipment. It is suitable for neutral listening. The Sony MDR-7506 is well-balanced, with punchy bass that doesn’t drown out the excellent midrange. Instruments and vocals sound good, although they lack a bit of detail and clarity compared to other neutral listening models such as the DT770 and ATH-M50x. However, the sound field is adequate for sealed headphones, and the sound quality should satisfy most listeners. If you’re expecting a smiley-curve response with a flattering low-frequency emphasis like the Beats, you’ll be disappointed. Instead of emphasizing the low end, it emphasizes detail in the mid and high frequencies, revealing coarseness that might otherwise go unnoticed. This makes them ideal for producing, programming, and mixing, and they are unrelenting in revealing any blemishes that occur in the sound you are working with. The relatively modest 63 ohm impedance can be comfortably driven by sources such as cell phones and laptop outputs.

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