The touch controls allow for a variety of functions such as playback and volume control. Whether watching videos or listening to music, the A2 earphones can add to the experience with good sound quality. There is some deep bass and some extra rumble when needed. Overall, though, the sound quality is very balanced. At this price, the Tozo A2 are enticing for those looking for quality wireless earphones at a great price. The Tozo A2 earphones have a different stem design with a built-in microphone on the end. While each earphone is still very light at 3.8 grams, the stems make them less flat. In the package, you’ll find a total of 12 earbuds for each ear size. Among them, there are two different types. There are 3 sets of light gray squishy earplugs. The other 3 sets of earplugs are black and made of thicker material. It was no problem to get a comfortable and stable fit. The different sizes of earplugs worked well. It is recommended to choose a slightly larger size so that the earplugs fit as securely as possible during workouts. Thanks to the ultra-lightweight and ergonomic design, the Tozo A2 wireless earbuds sit comfortably in the ear canal even for long periods of time. The earbuds themselves have a Tozo logo along the shiny plastic portion of the earpiece. The overall build quality seems very sturdy despite the apparent plastic. There is also a light at the top of the stem that flashes blue and red until paired with a device. It should also be mentioned that the Tozo A2 wireless earbuds are somewhat water resistant with an IPX5 rating. We like the compact design of the Tozo A2 charging case. The charging case fits easily in most pockets and is convenient to carry around. There is no wireless charging feature, but the pill-shaped case is well made. There are four LED lights that indicate the current battery level. Each of the wireless earbuds can be seamlessly inserted into the charging case. The lid opens easily and closes with a firm snap. Another Tozo logo is located on the top of the charging case lid. A port for charging with a USB-C cable is also located on the back of the compact carrying case.

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