The ‘Max’ bit of the new Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max means’maximum compatibility,’ so it casts a larger net. The Max headset still supports Bluetooth, but it now comes with a new USB wireless adaptor that offers a quicker, lag-free option for PC, Mac, Playstation 4 and PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and other devices. For this iteration, Turtle Beach doubled the headset’s battery life to 40 hours. The Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max’s other features are the same as those of its predecessor, including the usage of identical 50mm neodymium drivers housed in sizeable but comfortable earpieces. The Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max isn’t the most stylish headset, and you might look like a Cyberman from Dr. Who with its large earpieces and solid metal and plastic headband. However, the design is incredibly comfortable, and the memory foam padding and cooling gel in the earpieces prevent you from overheating when the going gets difficult. With a ProSpecs function that lets you modify the earpieces if you wear glasses, Turtle Beach also pays attention to detail. When you push the boom mic upward, it immediately mutes. We also appreciate that the boom mic folds into the left earpiece’s body, totally concealing it when not in use. When switching between USB and Bluetooth audio, we ran into some issues. Although the iPhone’s Audio Hub software could connect to the headset over Bluetooth and change a number of settings, it wouldn’t allow us to stream audio via Bluetooth. To find the solution, some trial-and-error and Reddit investigation were required. The fact that you need to download a different programme for a PC or Mac in order to upgrade the headset’s firmware didn’t help. The Bluetooth side of things appears to be a touch unpredictable, despite the fact that the USB adaptor offers a quick and simple choice for audio pairing. There is no converter included for USB-C connections, so if your gaming rig only has USB-C—as is the case with many modern laptops—you’ll need to supply your own adaptor. The USB adaptor also contains a USB-A connector

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