Visually, the Beats Solo3 looks almost identical to previous models. This makes complete sense to us. The headphones are already attractive and well-designed. It’s best to leave the design alone, and Beats/Apple has done just that. As with previous models, you have a wide range of colour options. The colorways are diverse enough that you should have no trouble finding something that matches your style. We were given a black pair to review, which we like, but the Rose Gold or Silver versions look even better. The change in colour of the Beats logo on most models is a subtle but noticeable difference with the latest Beats headphones. The Beats logo was red and sat more prominently on older models. The logo is now more subdued and colour coordinated. The build quality is adequate, but nothing to get excited about. It has a simple plastic headband that is wrapped around a metal base. The inside of the headband has a rubber-coated layer that improves comfort while also preventing slipping. This is unlikely to be an issue in normal circumstances, but if you’re using them for something like running in the park, it’s a useful feature. Except for the over-ear cups, the rest of the headphones are made of the same plastic as the headband. The overall appearance is, well, plasticky, even cheap. Some will adore it, while others will despise it. The comfort of any pair of headphones will always be subjective. The ear cups are comfortable. They fit snugly over your ears. The headphones, on the other hand, have a firm grip on your head. That’s great for keeping them from falling off, but not so great for wearing headphones for extended periods of time. If you wear sunglasses or glasses, the Beat Solo 3 could quickly become uncomfortable. One of the cool features of these headphones is that they can be used wirelessly or wired. We appreciate the versatility of having both options. It’s ideal to be able to use them wirelessly, but this isn’t always possible. In the real world, there will always be times when batteries fail with no backup plan. Or you’ll be at a friend’s house and want to listen to music on an older device that doesn’t have Bluetooth. The Beats Solo3 wireless headphones are all belts and braces in this situation. The controls on the Beat Solo3 are kept to an absolute minimum and closely resemble the design language of an iPhone. A simple on/off button is located on the right earpiece. This is hidden within the Beats logo and appears to be very cool. The same button can be used to connect to your phone or other electronic device. When taking calls, the right-handed earpiece also has a hidden microphone. The only other control, or rather indicator, is a 5-LED light display that shows the remaining battery life.

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