The Void line looks much more futuristic than other gaming headset offerings, including Corsair’s own lineup, due to its angular design and use of RGB lighting. There’s no mistaking that this is a gaming headset, and if you’re looking for a more subtle-looking headpiece, the Void Elite RGB might not be for you. Coming from the more expensive, but less comfortable Virtuoso, Corsair’s offering rivals the comfort of more expensive headsets, even for those wearing glasses. Some may argue that the fit is a little loose. The Void RGB Elite relies on a 2.4GHz RF USB dongle for its wireless signal, and getting the headset to work is as simple as plugging in the dongle and turning it on. Unfortunately, that is the only supported connection, limiting connectivity with other devices. Wireless gaming headsets typically support wired play via USB or a 3.5mm jack, but this is not the case with this headpiece. Corsair has increased the headphone frequency response to 30 kHz from 20 kHz for the updated Void RGB Elite, allowing for a wider range of audible sound vibrations. Furthermore, the sensitivity of the headphone was increased from 107 dB to 116 dB for increased loudness at a given volume. Although support for Sony’s PlayStation 4 platform has been added, PS4 owners should be aware that there are better, less expensive alternatives. Surround sound is not available on the PS4, whereas it is available on the PC via Corsair’s iCUE programme. This also applies to EQ-profiles that are linked to the iCUE application and thus available only on PC. While the default sound is adequate for a gaming headset in this price range, and the lack of virtual surround sound may not be significant. On Sony’s platform, the only way to change the volume is to go into volume control in the PS4’s ‘Audio Devices’ menu. Corsair claims that this headset is compatible with Sony’s platform. The Void’s battery life is comparable to other recent wireless gaming headsets, lasting more than 16 hours on a single charge. It doesn’t last as long as the battery in the Arctis 1 Wireless or the incredible HyperX Cloud Flight S, but it’s plenty for most players. The exact amount of playtime depends on the volume level, as expected. However, extensive use of the RGB lighting drains the battery much faster.

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