The Viper Mini is smaller than its predecessor, but not by as much as you might think. It measures 1.3 by 2.4 by 4.6 inches. The original Viper is 1.5 by 2.6 by 5 inches in size, so the width and height are very similar. It’s stubbier than the Viper, and you can feel it when you hold it. A mouse this small is designed for claw and fingertip players. These styles, in which players use only their fingertips to interact with the mouse, benefit from a physically smaller device because it is easier to push the mouse and make precise adjustments with only your fingers rather than your entire hand and arm. Because their stance negates the mouse’s potential ergonomic benefits, those players prioritise closely spaced buttons and low weight over shape. It doesn’t help that the Viper Mini appears to be a scaled-down version of its larger sibling. It has the standard six-button layout, with two clicks, a scroll wheel, and a small DPI preset switch on top rather than underneath. The Viper Mini, unlike the Viper and Viper Ultimate, is a right-handed mouse, so there are two side macros on the left side but none on the right. It’s never a good idea because it’s the worst of both worlds and isn’t worth the small amount of weight it saves, but it’s especially problematic because the Viper is an ambidextrous line. The Viper Mini employs optical switches, which Razer claims will increase durability and allow click signals to travel faster by eliminating debounce delay. The Mini’s switches are rated to last 50 million clicks, which is good but significantly less than the Viper and Viper Ultimate’s 70 million clicks. The sensor on the Viper Mini is also a significant step down from the original. The proprietary optical sensor can track at up to 8,500dpi and maintain accuracy at speeds of up to 300 inches per second. This is a reduction from the original Viper’s 16,000dpi and 450ips.

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