The 42mm Fenix 7S is the baby of the flagship outdoor watch line, but it packs a powerful punch. It’s one of the best outdoor and fitness watches in its own right, with over 30 hours of GPS battery life and around two weeks as a smartwatch, as well as Garmin’s full array of sports profiles, fitness metrics, and on-wrist mapping. We spent weeks with the Fenix 7S to see how it performs and, more importantly, how it compares to the rest of the Fenix 7 lineup. The Fenix 7S is available in three versions: standard, solar, and Sapphire Solar, which has a tougher screen, solar power, and a few extra features like Garmin Pay. The Fenix 7S is the smallest in the lineup, with a 42mm case that’s ideal for smaller wrists. There are few devices that can compete with the Fenix 7 range in terms of tracking prowess, and even fewer that are so small at 42mm. It stands on its own, which is why the Fenix 7S is so easy to recommend. This will be marketed as the female-friendly Fenix, but many men have preferred the smaller Fenix 7S for comfort. Just because the case is smaller does not imply that it is thinner. The Fenix 7S is still large, with a thick 14mm case that protrudes from the wrist. However, it is comfortable to wear and does not encroach on the back of the hand, as larger Garmins can. We tested the titanium Solar Sapphire version, which weighs 58g with a silicone strap – but the standard version is only slightly heavier, weighing 63g. The Fenix 7S has an interchangeable 20mm silicone strap with a secure buckle for a consistent tight fit. The screen isn’t as vibrant or bright as an AMOLED-equipped Garmin Epix or Venu 2, and colours are used so sparingly that it’s nearly monochrome. Because the screen is only 240 x 240 MIP, it won’t win any awards for clarity or punchiness. It can also appear quite washed out.

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