Which one you choose is determined by how you intend to use the watch. It’s great for passive health tracking and expanding your phone’s capabilities, but it also has extensive exercise tracking features. Because the strap has a quick release mechanism, it isn’t an either/or situation. The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro maintains the circular, bezel-less curved glass design, with the display seamlessly blending into the aluminium frame. Except for two crown buttons on the left, the frame is seamless. The PPG sensor is housed at the bottom. The screen is now slightly larger, has more pixels, and shines brighter than before. As a result, the watch now feels nearly as large as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. But, more importantly, the GTR 3 Pro has increased the refresh rate from 30Hz to 50Hz, making the smartwatch operate much more smoothly. It can also track your swimming laps and is water resistant up to 5 ATM. There are two strap options available: brown leather and infinite black. The silicone strap could have been breathable. The watch itself isn’t the lightest or smallest, and wearing it all day left marks on my wrist and made it sweaty. It doesn’t help that the watch requires you to wear it tightly in order for the sensors to work properly. However, it still has a 22mm strap pin and can be easily replaced with a custom strap at your local watch repair shop. The GTR 3 Pro features a large 1.45-inch OLED display with 480480 resolution and a peak brightness of up to 1000 nits. But, contrary to what the marketing images suggest, it does not have no bezels. The circular display still has a distinct black border that separates it from the frame, effectively lowering the screen-to-body ratio. Because of its higher refresh rate, the panel is simple to navigate. There’s also an anti-fingerprint coating that keeps smudges at bay and gets bright enough to be legible in direct sunlight. Swipes on the screen or the two crowns are used to navigate the user interface. To navigate around, use simple left-right-up-down swipes. The top crown opens an app carousel, while the bottom crown takes you directly to workout selection.

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