They also have a continuous battery life of less than 30 hours and support multi-device pairing with up to two devices at once. However, while their ANC does a good job of blocking out background noise in general, it struggles to reduce bass-range sounds like bus or plane engine noise. For long listening sessions, some users may find their on-ear fit uncomfortable. Bluetooth wireless with a transmission frequency of 2.4 GHz and an operating range of approximately 33 feet. Operates for up to 40 hours (ANC on) or 50 hours (ANC off) on rechargeable lithium-ion polymer batteries with a charging time of 2 hours. It has a monitor function, a headset power indicator, an auto power off function for the headset, a low battery indicator, and a battery recharge indicator. It comes with a cord connection for use with standard audio devices. When the cord is connected, audio can be heard even when the device is not turned on. Earcups fold and swivel flat for easy transport and storage. The JBL app for Apple and Android mobile devices adds new features and software updates. The noise cancellation button on the headphone toggles between noise cancellation on/off, ambient sound, and TalkThru (which lowers the programme volume for conversation without removing the headphones) modes. The JBL app can be used to make the same adjustments. Music player transport, call connect/disconnect, ambient noise/noise cancellation/on/off, digital voice assistant activation, and Bluetooth volume controls are all available. Power on/off and Bluetooth pairing alert tones are included. When headphones are removed, audio is paused and resumed when they are replaced, and they can be turned off from the app. Has a multi-point feature that allows two Bluetooth devices to be connected at the same time. The JBL Headphone app download for Apple and Android mobile devices displays the battery level of the headphone and can be used to adjust the ambient sound control settings, ANC on/off, adjust the earphones’ tonal balance using tonal presets or user adjustable EQ, and update the headphone’s firmware. Has a quick charge feature: 10 minutes of charging equals 4 hours of playtime. Google Fast Pair is supported.

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