JBL has placed a strong emphasis on the build design and comfort of their product. They attempted to present a very practical and simple design rather than using unnecessary LED lights or unique parts that give the user a gamer feel. One of the most significant advantages of the design is that the entire model is only one colour. JBL 100 has an excellent build quality that is unusual in this price range, giving you a premium feel. Aside from build quality, design also plays a role in this feature. The shape of the headphones itself reduces bulkiness, while the headrest part of the headphone adds a premium touch and provides the ideal size for your comfort. The design not only meets your expectations, but the headrest also provides extreme comfort. The model is designed to completely cover your ears, and its memory form soft cushion pad is made of high-quality materials. Its comfort has been tried and tested, and there is no doubt about it. When it comes to wire quality, it comes with a 3.5ft long blue kevlar coated cable. This tangle-free wire complements the overall design. It has simple connectivity; the audio jack (3.5 mm from the end) can be inserted into a phone, computer, television, or laptop, for example. If the jack on any device is different, a splitter can be used to aid in the connection of the headphones. Check out the link in the description box for more information. JBL 100 stands out for its ease of use; like all other gaming headphones, it is not completely foldable, but it does have a right and left indicator engraved in it that makes it much easier to use. Another fantastic feature is that there is enough space between the mess grill and the driver, which eliminates any ear irritation. Aside from that, the volume control scroll on the right-hand side is convenient to use, especially while gaming. It also includes a microphone port and a button for quickly turning off your microphone.

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