The Vibe 100 isn’t particularly stylish, as the outer shell has a very simple design. It’s interesting that the charging case lacks a top cover, but aside from that, there’s nothing out of the ordinary for true wireless. Fortunately, the fit is comfortable and ergonomic, providing adequate support for extended listening sessions. An 8mm dynamic driver is housed within the Vibe 100. It works well and has plenty of volume for a true wireless earbud. Many of the same features are available as with any other pair of true wireless earbuds, but the Vibe 100 foregoes the touch panel interface in favour of push-in buttons. This makes the actions extremely responsive, with very little lag. Controlling playback and answering calls is simple, but if you’re looking for extra features, you might be disappointed. A single charge should provide five hours of playtime, with an additional 15 hours from the charging case, for a total battery life of 20 hours. It should last you a few days of commuting back and forth, and it should be adequate for the price. When dealing with these types of true wireless earbuds, you usually don’t get a very effective soundstage. JBL has been guilty of this type of response for some of their products, and unfortunately, the Vibe 100 is no exception. The imaging occurs entirely within an interior headspace, and the sound elements do not appear very wide in space. The majority of the elements have congealed to the centre, with some of the more hard-panned elements displaying proper positioning. It’s fine for hard-hitting genres that don’t necessitate a lot of articulation, but it’s still quite limited. The bass on the Vibe 100 continues this theme by delivering an enjoyable bass response that is sure to please many listeners. Its timbre has a lot of body and delivers punch and impact. This type of response is easy to get carried away with, but the Vibe 100 avoids a boomy tonality that could interfere with frequency clarity. JBL knows exactly how much power to give you with the Vibe 100, resulting in clear and colourful bass response.

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