The unit is made of plastic and flexes slightly. The keycaps are thermoplastic PBT and have a nice feel to them, with little to no wiggle on the switches. The OmniPoint switches have north-facing LEDs that cycle between colours very smoothly. The keys can also respond to various button presses. The SteelSeries GG app allows you to customise the colours to your liking. There are two angled sets of feet on the keyboard, for a total of three typing angles. The keyboard has Bluetooth connectivity and supports 2.4GHz wireless via an included dongle. SteelSeries claims 30 hours of use on a single charge and includes a braided USB-C cable for wired mode and charging. Those 30 hours of power are provided by two batteries nestled in the keyboard’s bottom chassis. The batteries account for a significant portion of the keyboard’s 1.2 pounds, and it’s fairly stable on a desktop, where it takes up little space. In terms of desk space, the keyboard measures 1.6 by 11.5 by 4.0 inches (HWD), narrowly beating out the Happy Hacking Pro Hybrid, a similarly priced premium keyboard. Each corner of the base has four rubber feet on the bottom side. However, with the angled feet deployed, you lose some of that stability. The wired Apex Pro Mini has a trap door to store the included keycap puller, which is a shame to lose if you’re looking to reduce clutter, but the wireless version does not. The onboard memory of the keyboard can store up to five different Bluetooth connections, which can be swapped with a macro. The first review unit SteelSeries sent us had some Bluetooth connectivity issues, but a replacement had no problems. The software allows you to personalise each of the six profiles. Consider one profile for your laptop keyboard, where you prefer a higher actuation, and another for your gaming keyboard, where you prefer a hair-trigger feel to the keys. It takes some practise to switch between Bluetooth profiles. If you intend to toss the keyboard into your bag and switch to a laptop profile while at Starbucks, you’re set. The wireless 2.4GHz connection works flawlessly. If your PC lacks a USB-C port, the box also includes an input-to-input USB-C adapter for use with the USB-C dongle.

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