The Chromecast with Google TV is an improvement over the Chromecast Ultra it replaces. The disc-shaped casework has been flattened out into a more oval shape, and it is now available in Snow (white), Sunrise (pink), or Sky (blue), each with a matching coloured remote. The device hangs from an HDMI port on the back of your television or receiver. Even if your TV has a powered USB socket, you’ll still need to plug it into the wall with the provided adaptor because it has a USB 2.0 port. The new voice remote is about the size of your palm and fits perfectly in your hand. There are also shortcut buttons for Netflix and YouTube, as well as the Google Assistant voice search. This one’s design notes must have been tasteful, discrete, and nicely tactile. When you find a film or TV show that you have the rights to watch on multiple services, Google TV gives you the option to watch it on the cheapest or free service available, rather than trying to sell you the version from Google’s own catalogue. Available films and TV shows are organized into useful rows of suggestions, including several categories we’ve never seen on other services, such as Neo-noir, Futuristic Shows, Robot Films, and Space Exploration Movies. You can improve the AI by telling it what you’ve already seen, but it already has a good grasp on our preferences. The new remote control is well-designed and tactile. You can teach it to control your TV’s power and volume, as well as use it as a microphone for Google Assistant voice searches on Google TV. As expected, voice recognition is nearly flawless and a good way to quickly get to what you want. You can make more general requests, such as ‘Show me films about time travel,’ in addition to specific TV shows, music, and movies. In fact, Chromecast with Google TV is the best media streamer on the market in terms of usability and recommendations.

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