There are many headsets in the $50 price range, and since even large manufacturers can no longer afford to release complete duds, they all essentially sound the same. The workmanship is almost always passably okay, and some sound also comes out if you don’t have too high of expectations. Even though the manufacturers all want to market it in this way, there isn’t much room to stand out with any unique selling points when there is a small margin. We hope the introductory paragraph is not taken too gloomily, but you must approach such tests with this expectation; otherwise, a review is pre-programmed, which should only be the case with a complete waste of resources.

Cooler Master CH331 USB gaming headset review: Design

It resembles the Cooler Master CH331 USB. Not that it’s ugly to look at, but its design doesn’t even remotely resemble that of a premium product. Its appearance is as plain as it gets, with an achingly bland all-plastic body. When the headset is turned on, the company logo, which is imprinted on the outside of the earcups, illuminates in RGB lighting. Aluminum y-yokes, which don’t add to the headset’s aesthetic appeal, are used to join the earcups to the headband. Overall, the Cooler Master CH331 USB is a fairly simple, no-frills gaming headset in terms of appearance. But what more could you possibly ask for given its incredibly low price? The CH331 is a straightforward corded headset that is only offered in the color black. The headband is steel wrapped in buttery soft PU leather, while the Y yoke frame is constructed from dark grey aluminum.


A 3 inch long inline control panel is permanently attached to the left earpiece and is located about 20 inches down the fabric-wrapped cord. The inline control was placed in our laps while seated as a result; however, on a taller person, it might hang around the navel. It doesn’t seem to add any weight because the inline control is made of incredibly lightweight plastic. Between your left ear and your PC or laptop, there are 84 inches (7 feet) of cord totaling 61 inches from the inline control panel to your USB type A plug. We can keep a comfortable distance from my tower because our PC is situated on the right-hand side of our desk. The headset weighs 13 oz, which is very nearly a pound of additional weight on your head. Even though it’s fairly cozy, you’ll feel it. The headband is wrapped in slick pleather, which makes it slippery and prone to sliding, especially when chair dancing. also you will learn our article on Cooler Master CH331 USB gaming headset review. The robust 3.25 x 1.25 x.5 inch inline control panel has an on/off switch for the lights as well as volume and mute controls for the microphone and audio. The lighting cannot be programmed. This particular pair of headphones is only suitable for use at your computer desk and not for moving around thanks to the USB cord and the enormous inline control panel.


The CH331 has a detachable omnidirectional microphone that connects via a 3.5mm stereo jack to the left earpiece. It’s mounted on a lengthy, flexible wire so you can position it precisely where you need it. With the inline control, the microphone can be muted. When connected to the Cooler Master MasterPlus+ software, you can adjust the headset’s EQ and control the 7.1 surround sound mentioned earlier. However, the Cooler Master CH331 Gaming Headset can be used without the software. It may just plug in and work.

Cooler Master CH331 USB gaming headset review: Audio performance

But even more important than its toughness is the fact that it’s designed for comfort. The headband’s padding and plush ear cups form a beautiful hug around your head. Its 20Hz to 20KHz frequency response and 16 ohm impedance make it sound as comfortable around your ears as possible. With clear audio, the Cooler Master CH331 Gaming Headset offers a stunning virtual 7.1 surround sound experience. The microphone on this headset is not being discussed. It is missing because it can be detached, which is why the box doesn’t include it. When attached, the omnidirectional boom mic is easily moved to your preferred position. The headset’s mic also contributes to its noise-cancelling capabilities. For those who only occasionally want a nice, comfortable set of headphones for watching a movie on your laptop, the detachable mic feature is also fantastic. The microphone has strong controls as well. The in-line controls on the cable allow you to independently mute your headphones or microphone, adjust volume, and turn on and off the RGB, keeping the controls close at hand rather than relying on hot keys or computer sound settings. Despite the Cooler Master CH331’s thin profile and understated RGB, the light it emits is stunning and brilliant.

Cooler Master CH331 USB gaming headset review: Software

Plug-and-play functionality is a feature of Cooler Master CH331 headphones. Download the free Master Plus software for Windows 10 and 11 from the Cooler Master website to access an equalizer and modify the surround sound. The sound profiles for pop music, movies, and gaming all seemed remarkably similar and bass-heavy, and the equalizer didn’t do much for midrange tweaking. You are forced to use the RGB lights’ default pattern, which cycles through a rainbow of soft colors, because the software lacks options for them.

Price and availability

The Cooler Master CH331USB is currently offered in the US, the UK, and Australia for $50 (£42, roughly AU$75). The audio it produces is sufficiently rich and positional, and given how inexpensive it is, it is truly a steal. Its affordable price is made even more impressive by the fact that it supports multiple platforms. you can read our article on Cooler Master CH331 USB gaming headset review. This gaming headset is in the same price range as the Corsair HS65 Surround, which also has features like 7.1 surround sound and the same price. You can also purchase midrange gaming headsets for the same cost with the holiday season just around the corner. Originally costing $99, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is now on sale for $55 (£45, or about AU$81).


The company Cooler Master has been around for a while, producing some of the most well-liked PC cases, coolers, and accessories that are suitable for PC gamers of all financial levels. While not particularly high-end, the new Cooler Master CH331 is their newest gaming headset. It has an MSRP of around $50 and, at least on paper, seems to have a tone of features and promises a tone of performance that far exceeds the retail price, so we can’t wait to put it to the test.

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