The Beats EPs have reliable build quality and make a good first impression right out of the box. The headband and ear cups appear to be made of the same plastic found on more expensive products, the same goes for the rubberized padding at the bottom of the headband. The ear cups are attached by sliding metal plates, which, coupled with the moderately thick padding, add to the sense of confidence. That first impression does not last long, however. The audio cables look fragile and cheap, with no sturdy attachment points. So if the cable breaks, you will have to buy a new pair of headphones. If you look for better headphones, even more expensive ones, you may find headphones that are cleaner, more detailed, more open, and have tighter bass. But the Beats EP is a surprisingly decent value, well made and sounding as good or better than Beats’ Solo3 Wireless, which cost three times as much. However, as its name implies, its Solo3 is a wireless model, whereas the EP is just old-school wired headphones. As such, the EP is a good way for kids and parents of kids who want Beats to get the brand without paying Beats’ premium price. The Beats EP On-Ear are surprisingly decent headphones for neutral sound, but are a bit tight on the head for longer listening sessions. They are not as portable as some other on-ear headphones, and the tight fit can be a bit uncomfortable for some. They also don’t block out the bass from bus and airplane engines, which may be frustrating for those who commute a lot. However, they are lightweight enough and well padded. The Beats EPs are satisfyingly neutral sounding. They reproduce bass in a balanced way and handle instruments and vocals well. They do not sound too sharp, but they are not ideal headphones for more neutral listeners. Also, the soundstage is narrow, and sound quality varies greatly depending on position and glasses.

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