While the Beats Fit Pro does not reinvent the wheel, or in this case, the wing tip, it does do so in a novel way. It can latch onto the inner ear to keep the buds more secure because it is part of the earbuds and has extra flexibility. Other earbuds have used a wrap-around design in the past, and while we believe that style is more comfortable, there’s something very stylish about the fin being directly attached and inside the ear. The Beats Fit Pro comes with two additional sets of different-sized ear tips in the box to help you get that perfect seal, and it’s well worth taking the time to figure out which one fits best. In terms of fit, these buds do an excellent job of staying in your ears. Once properly seated, the buds did not move even a millimeter during our testing. However, because the fit was so precise, it did put some pressure on the ears, especially after a while of wearing them. This is especially important given that the Beats Pro Fit are aimed at workout enthusiasts and even have an IPX4 water-resistance rating, which should make them sweat-proof. They are not waterproof, so avoid using them near a pool or on the beach, and they are not dust resistant, so keep them away from the sand. Touch controls on the outside of each bud allow you to play or pause music and skip between tracks. A long press activates ambient listening mode, which disables noise cancellation, and a second long press activates it again. The controls can be a little sensitive, so use caution when inserting and removing the earbuds from your ears. It’s all too easy to hang up on an important phone call or blast music in your ear without realizing it. While it’s not exactly a feature, we do appreciate the Beats Fit Pro’s ability to be purchased in four different colors. It’s available in the classic Beats Black and Beats White colors, as well as a stunning Sage Grey with light green accents and Stone Purple, which is lavender with dark grey accents. Of course, the main difference between the Beats Fit Pro and the Beats Studio Buds is that the former has the H1 chip. This gives them access to hands-free Siri and spatial audio support on Apple Music, Apple TV, and FaceTime. Another reason these are more expensive than other earbuds is that they have active noise cancellation, which will block out some outside noise. In practice, they weren’t quite as effective as the Sony WF-1000XM4 or the Bose QuietComfort Buds, but they do a good job of blocking out conversations in another room when you’re working from home.

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