With the rise of the home office era, tablet sales are on the rise, and both Apple and Samsung can now boast with impressive growth. People are buying tablets for a variety of reasons: work, drawing, multimedia, gaming, and more. And in these times, the flagship Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ were everything we want in a tablet. The duo has a large 120Hz display, a powerful Snapdragon 865+, a large battery, four immersive speakers, premium S Pen support with Air Gestures, and an integrated trackpad for use in the innovative DeX mode. You can also buy a keyboard cover. The Tab S7 FE is as large as the Tab S7+, this time with a 60Hz TFT LCD panel, but with a 12.4-inch high-resolution screen. The aluminum unibody with flat sides is also still in place. Also included is the S-Pen stylus for low latency writing. Finally, you can choose between 5G and Wi-Fi only versions. Since the latest connectivity seems to be the centerpiece of the tablet, there are some markets where only the 5G version is available at the moment. The Galaxy Tab S7 FE is also well thought out with regard to port and button locations, with nothing impeding usability in either orientation. In landscape orientation, the power button and volume rocker are located on the top left edge, the speaker on the side, the USB port on the right side, and the magnetic connector on the bottom. If you don’t plan to get a keyboard cover accessory, the S Pen can be magnetically attached to the top or bottom of the tablet or next to the camera, but is unlikely to get stuck in a crowded bag. If you decide to buy Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 FE or its S7 series sibling, you’ll want to do more than simply watch movies and surf the web. Let’s start with the S Pen, which is included with the tablet. It attaches magnetically to the tablet and charges automatically. The S Pen does exactly what you would expect it to do. It can be used almost anywhere there is a text input field for taking notes and immediately converting what you write into typed text; a quick press of the S Pen button brings up all the pen-friendly applications and shortcuts. Samsung includes a limited-time membership to several premium creative apps such as Clip Studio Paint and Canva Pro, along with some good note-taking apps such as Noteshelf and Samsung Notes.

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