This headset’s build quality and material selection are outstanding. The stitched grid design along the inner headband is beautifully finished. The bright yellow adds a splash of color without crossing the line into Toy Town. Around the earcups, there’s more immaculate yellow stitching. The memory foam encased within the protein leather outer layer feels softer and more voluminous than the memory foam in the HS60. It’s thick enough that your ear never comes into contact with the driver’s flat, hard surface, which we’ve had minor issues with in the past with the cheaper HS-series models. They’re middleweight cans that distribute their weight fairly evenly thanks to a strong clamping force provided by the aluminum headband. If your head is on the larger side, this could be an issue. The horizontal clamping feels firm but not constrictive on this reviewer’s smaller head. However, it’s easy to imagine it being a little too small for some. Corsair’s unusual grille design reappears on the outer, hard-surfaced section of the earcup, giving the impression of an open-backed headset. However, these are still very much closed-backed, and as far as we can tell, the grille is purely decorative and does not aid ventilation. However, this is a highly subjective viewpoint. Between the cushions and the matte finish outer, there’s a clever and subtle banding of high-gloss plastic that feels incredible to the touch, almost rubberized. While the gloss part easily shows fingerprints, it’s a very small area that you’re unlikely to touch. The matte finish is thankfully resistant to smudges, so keeping these HS60 Pro Surround looking sharp is simple.

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