Android TV UHD streaming device and what it offers us. Without a doubt, the onn. Android TV UHD Streaming Device stands out for its small size and we can hang it behind our TV with the included cable. On the back we have the microUSB 2.0 OTG port and on the front the HDMI 2.1 port, on the side we see a status LED and a button for pairing. The remote is Bluetooth + IR has a microphone for Google Assistant, we also have buttons for use with our TV to change channel or video output, something that is configured when you launch it. This small TV box has a Wifi ac MIMO + Bluetooth chip with internal wifi antennas. The cooling system works really well as it barely heats up. There is a pairing button on one of the sides in case the remote fails to connect. Once booted up, the onn. Android TV UHD streaming device is booted up, we get to the configuration wizard where we can set the Wi-Fi, specify which apps will be installed by default and select the type of content we want to see on the main screen. Once the configuration is complete, we get to the new Android TV launcher, which is based on rows of tabs for the content or shortcuts to the installed apps. When we update the apps, the launcher switches to Google TV with a more modern design. The overall performance is good, we can switch between menus smoothly and quickly. The TV box onn. UHD streaming box has memory 2 GB RAM DDR3 and for storage we have in this version of 8 GB eMMC that we can expand with a USB memory. In the network section has a wireless adapter Wifi ac MIMO + Bluetooth, as we can see in the test results are good and the USB Ethernet adapter also behaves normally achieving good numbers despite its speed limitation. In terms of video playback, the onn. 4K streaming box is compatible with most modern video formats such as h.265, VP9 with a native resolution of 4K@60fps and HDR10, although it does not support the new AV1 codec, which is only used as a testimonial at the moment. There is no app to adjust video quality and no automatic refresh rate change. We have official Dolby Vision support to get the most out of streaming services.

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