This package comes in five new colors, and thanks to the larger screen, everything is a bit more visible than on the Watch 6 or SE. It also has the Always-on display, which means you don’t have to lift your wrist to read the time, and the glass covering the attractive OLED display is slightly curved – although we couldn’t really see much of an advantage in that. The larger screen allows for more features – for example, you can see more of your messages or have a larger area for bigger buttons to type on. Apple also thinks that this extra display area means it’s time to add a keyboard to the Watch.Although the chip here is called the S7, it doesn’t bring a performance advantage, it’s just been reconfigured to allow for the slightly larger design. That’s not to say you’ll lack performance, though, because everything runs super smooth on the Watch 7, and the intuitive WatchOS 8 platform makes it easy to start a workout, look at pictures, or read the news. The Watch 7 does the basic tasks like running, cycling, and swimming well, and there are some nice extras like the meditation app, which we used often and enjoyed, and Apple’s ring system, which lets you know how active you are during the day, is useful and fun. The electrocardiogram and blood oxygen monitoring won’t be of much use to many people. The Apple Watch Series 6 is still on sale, to be sure. But when it sells out, this will be the only option if you want a high-quality Apple Watch – at least until the Apple Watch 8 launches in September. And with a decent display, good fitness features, and easy-to-read notifications, Apple is slowly removing any reasons not to buy one of its wearables.

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