The backlight on this keyboard frequently changes color and makes the keyboard look very nice. The brightness level of the keyboard can be adjusted as needed. It is a desktop keyboard and the keys are very soft to the touch. As for the trackpad and Numpad, it is medium-sized and has physical buttons on the left and right. The trackpad works smoothly, but you can also use the mouse if you want to play games. There is support for gesture navigation and Windows precision drivers. The NumPad is located inside the trackpad itself and is decent to use. The Asus TUF Gaming F15 has not changed too drastically in the aesthetics department, which means you still get a masculine, gamer look with the gunmetal gray shell, faux screws on the lid, and a massive chassis full of ventilation. This is not to say that it is ugly per se: among the competition of similar games, this one is a bit more refined. But it is still a divisive style that you either love or hate. Opening it up, the plastic covering the bottom panel looks cheaper than the soft-touch options found on models like the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14, but this is simply one of the cost-cutting measures to maximize the interior. In addition, while the standard five dedicated keys for volume control and opening the ROG software are present, the keyboard tray has moved to the left and the speaker grilles have moved up, also making room for a full numeric keypad (more on this later). The Asus TUF Gaming F15 copied 25 GB of test files at an average of 607.64 MBps, the slowest of the group; the Acer was the fastest at 1,240.65 MBps, with the Alienware right behind at 1,156.07 MBps. The Pulse GL66 was the slowest with 801.1 MBps.

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