It has very low latency, but it may not be low enough for some gamers. Every key can be macro-programmed, but there is no dedicated software, and setting macros via the QMK software on the website is difficult. It has adequate ergonomics, but it lacks a wrist rest, which means that some users may become fatigued after prolonged use. The Drop ALT comes in a sturdy box with a sturdy aluminum keycap puller, keyboard switch puller, and a 56-inch USB-C male to USB-A male cable. You’ll find a hidden screwdriver that fits the screws on the Drop ALT mechanical keyboard if you unscrew the bottom piece of the keycap puller. The Drop ALT keyboard has 67 keys and is housed in an anodized CNC machined aluminum frame with magnetic feet. The PCB is hot-swappable, allowing you to swap out switches as you please. In addition, there is vibrant RGB lighting on the keyboard’s frame and on the board. QMK allows you to customize your keyboard with any configurations and RGB lighting you want. You can choose between black and space gray for the case, as well as various switch types to install. In comparison to the original ALT, the Drop ALT keyboard can be purchased in a high profile version that covers the switches for an additional cost. The Drop ALT’s build quality is excellent. The case is made of solid aluminum and is flawlessly machined. There are also aluminum magnetic feet to prevent the keyboard from moving around on your desk. There are also rubber feet on the four corners of the frame’s bottom. Overall, the board is substantial, weighing slightly more than 1.5 pounds. The weight of the keyboard is dense, which means it will move around less on your desk. The Drop ALT is a 65% tenkeyless keyboard with 67 keys that has all the keys you need to start typing right away. The function keys on the top row are missing at this size, but they can be accessed by pressing the function (Fn) key with the corresponding number keys. In comparison to other mechanical keyboards of comparable size, the Drop ALT has three editing/navigation keys on the far right and arrow keys directly beneath those. If you feel like there are missing button options, you can find them in different layers. Some options are already preset, but you’ll need to use QMK or Drop’s configurator to change them. Alternatively, if you prefer to have specific options, you can customize those layers.

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