It is quite bulky, but the carrying handle makes it easy to transport. The battery lasts nearly 24 hours and is IPX7 equivalent waterproof, but we have not tested it at this time. The volume is quite loud, but sounds compressed at maximum volume. Unfortunately, it does not have a voice assistant function. Bass is a bit lacking, but the mid and high frequencies are well balanced, and vocals and lead instruments are reproduced clearly. There is a graphic EQ in the included app, which can be used to adjust the sound to your liking. It can also be played back quite loudly, although compression artifacts occur when the volume is turned up to maximum. Stereo content can be played back without downmixing to mono for a more realistic soundstage. A microUSB connector for firmware updates, USB Type-A for charging other devices, a 3.5mm AUX input, and a power connector are housed in a rubber seal on the back of the speaker. It is a bit of a mystery why there is only one connector, since the original BOOMBOX was capable of charging two devices at the same time. Ideally, I would have liked to have seen two ports, USB-A and USB-C, to cover both. One original design element that JBL was keen to improve on was the speaker handle, and they did a good job in this regard. The underside of the handle, which was inspired by a motorcycle handle, has a notched grip that gives it more purchase value and keeps it from slipping out of your hands when wet. The Boombox 2 is nearly the same size and weight, weighing in at a little heavier at 13 pounds and slightly larger at 10.1 x 19.5 x 7.9. The handle is also made of the same sturdy material and is integrated into a large cylindrical design. The internal construction is similar. You get dual 20mm tweeters under the hood and two 4-inch woofers and two passive radiators on the ends to send out big sound.JBL uses different components other than the new Bluetooth transmitter, which will be introduced later It does not appear to be.

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