The JBL Live Free NC+ TWS sports a small, bulbous body with a flat side that faces outward and is covered in the JBL logo. The touch-sensitive controls on this surface, however, make it useful for more than just advertising. Even without the optional ANC turned on, a tight seal occurs when the earbuds are inserted under the tragus of your ear, muzzling outside noise. Additionally, the body of the earbuds has rubber fins that help secure the earpieces firmly in place under your antihelix. The Live Free NC+ TWS’s mellow tuning provides a welcoming, earthy warmth and a crystal-clear sound picture that doesn’t seem overly bright. The powerful, well-defined, and round bass reproduction appears neither thin nor bulky at the same time. Despite the fact that the headphones can replicate sound in the lower registers, their main presence is in the mid to upper bass region, where they pack a punch that ups the enjoyment factor. Additionally reproduced with presence, lead instruments and vocals occupy an appealingly dynamic place without coming out as being overly focused. These in-ears are especially advised for podcast, audiobook, and movie listening because voices are also extremely understandable. The higher frequencies appear to be a little more muted when compared to the upper bass range and the lower mid-range, but they are still pretty audible and do not drop off significantly. The reproduction can only sound more demanding and perhaps a little bit harsh at louder volumes. Although aptX is not supported by the audio codec, a higher-quality alternative in the shape of the AAC format is offered in addition to the Bluetooth standard SBC. The free software that connects to these in-ear headphones is well-organized, provides a number of customization choices, and accurately displays the battery life of the case and headphones. Although there aren’t many pre-made presets available, there is an EQ for sound tuning that stores a number of unique settings, allowing for flexible earpiece adjustment when necessary. Additionally, three so-called “Smart Audio Modes” are available, and the maker claims that they are designed to improve the synchrony during movies, audio quality, or wireless connection stability. In addition to the previously described features, like assigning the touch control or integrating voice services, a search function can be utilised to locate the headphones by beeping. The app can also be used to update the firmware.

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