Now let’s move on to the technical features. On the LG XBOOM Go XG5 side, we have a track-type woofer, the output power is 20W and there is an interesting option called Sound Boost that expands the sound field and is much better to enjoy at high volume. In terms of autonomy, the speaker offers up to 18 hours of music playback as long as you use 50% volume and no lighting. Charging from 0 to 100 takes about four hours. There is a small light that shows you if the battery is charged or not, but it is very poor information and forces you to download the app available on Android and iOS. And speaking of the app. Its design is quite simple, the controls are very intuitive and it has interesting tools, such as equalizing the sound to your liking and adjusting the lighting. For the latter, there are several options that are preset, and the user can choose the hues from an RGB palette. Thanks to its IP67 dust and water resistance, the XBOOM is the perfect choice whether you’re sitting by the fireplace, poolside, or indoors. Thanks to the LG XBOOM Go’s Bluetooth capability, you can turn the ultimate speaker into the ultimate speakerphone for any conversation worth sharing with the crowd. And your wish is our command with the voice command hotkey, ask your favorite voice-controlled apps like Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri and just tell them what you want to play, pause or skip, and enjoy the power of your own voice. Make the party bigger with Wireless Party Link and connect up to 10 LG speakers for the ultimate audio experience and a huge party. Easily connect your device via Bluetooth to enjoy music without wires. Or connect your device via the included 3.5mm aux input so you can just get going – no matter what device you’re using.

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