The Moto G Power is quite large at 6.6 x 3.0 x 0.4 inches (HWD) and 7.2 ounces. However, it distributes its weight well across its plastic chassis. In addition, the phone’s textured matte black back feels good in the hand, has a good grip, and does not show fingerprints or scratches. The flat 6.5-inch LCD offers the same 1,600 x 720 pixel resolution (269 ppi) as the 2021 Moto G Power, but with a faster refresh rate of 90 Hz. A small notch for the 8 MP selfie camera is located at the top center of the display. The 720p resolution is the biggest disappointment here. The screen does display accurate colors, but if you look closely, you can see some pixelation. And while the viewing angles are good, we would have liked the display to be a bit brighter, as it is difficult to see in direct sunlight. A headphone jack is found on the top edge of the phone, while the bottom edge houses a USB-C charging port and speaker. A combined SIM and microSD slot is the only port on the left, while a volume rocker and textured power button are on the right. The buttons are easy to identify by touch, but you might have trouble reaching them if you have small hands. On the back of the G Power, there’s a thin module for the camera sensors in the upper left corner. And while the power button on last year’s G Power doubled as a fingerprint sensor, here it has been moved to the back of the phone; it works quickly and accurately, and doesn’t require as precise a touch as the sensors in the display or on the side. The phone’s resistance is on par with other similarly priced models. The plastic back and casing can withstand drops without major damage, but the same cannot be said for the reinforced glass panel. The IP52 rating means that it can withstand rain, splashes and sweat without any problems, but probably not a fall into the pool or sink.

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