First of all, the build quality of the 4000D is definitely on the budget side. One of the most obvious ways to keep the quality cheap are the knobs and buttons, especially the mode dial. While you’ll usually find an on/off switch on most Canon DSLR modes, there’s no such feature here; instead, you have to painstakingly rotate the mode dial from the “off” position to the desired shooting mode. Every time you want to use the camera, you have to reselect the shooting mode, which is a bit of a hassle and can lead to selecting the wrong shooting mode if you turn the dial a bit too quickly. But when it comes to saving money, every little bit helps. All of the buttons on the back of the camera are familiar to most Canon users, but instead of printing their functions directly on the button itself, the labels are instead printed on the body of the camera. This presumably means that Canon can insert generic buttons here, which in turn keeps costs to a minimum. Overall, the buttons are sensibly arranged and allow direct access to specific functions, such as ISO, drive mode, white balance, etc. Canon’s 9-point autofocus system is getting on a bit, but if this is your first DSLR, it’s good enough to get you started. All of the AF points are centered in the frame, so be prepared to focus and realign if your subject is on the edge. Only the center of the 9 points is the more sensitive cross-type AF point, so you’ll probably find that this point is used most often, especially when shooting in low light. However, the other focus points do a good job of capturing the subject in good lighting conditions. Some sacrifices in build quality have been made with the 4000D, but at its heart is a sensor that delivers more than just appealing images – the most important thing for anyone new to DSLR photography. Here are some shots that show exactly what this camera is capable of. Full HD video is available, which is suitable for those who want to shoot home movies, etc., but it’s unlikely to be an attractive package for videographers.

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