It’s also equipped with plenty of high-end components to ensure it performs well in every way.Whether you’re looking for a smartwatch that sings and dances, or just a snazzy looking fitness tracker, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series has you covered. These watches are slimmer and more powerful than their predecessors – and more affordable to boot. They are a good example of how far Wear OS has come in a short time. That doesn’t mean it’s a perfect watch, though. The regular model looks pretty boring with its flat, featureless design, and the lack of iPhone compatibility means it’s really only for Android users – but it’s the most complete package of features we’ve seen yet.Right now, the Galaxy Watch 4 is probably the best smartwatch for Android users. It has pretty much everything you could want. Whether you need customizable watch faces, great fitness features, interactive notifications, wrist payments, or music, this Samsung watch delivers. And it’s good. In 2021, Google and Samsung announced a partnership that would shape the future of Google’s Wear OS smartwatch platform. Combining the best parts of Samsung’s Tizen platform and the best parts of Google’s Wear OS and rolling it out on a wide variety of smartwatches should create something that rivals the Apple Watch in terms of experience. While it’s true that Wear OS 3 is the best yet, there’s also a caveat: Few other manufacturers have rolled it out so far, which sets the Galaxy Watch 4 apart from Fossil Group’s offerings with its Skagen, Fossil, and Michael Kors brands. When it comes to interactive, customizable elements, it has those too. But you also get access to convenient and widely supported contactless payments, third-party music playlists on your wrist, and a wealth of fitness tracking apps. It really does have it all. It’s the most comprehensive experience you can get on a watch that currently works with Android phones.There’s no denying that Google’s Wear OS has had some issues. Most notably, it lacked a decent built-in fitness tracking feature. It also lacked properly customizable watch faces. However, with the new version of Wear OS on Samsung’s latest watch, that has changed. In many ways, though, it feels more like a “Googled” version of Samsung’s earlier Tizen platform than a new version of Wear OS. Samsung’s influence is strong. Since it’s a Samsung watch, it uses Samsung Health by default for fitness and wellness monitoring. But since it’s Wear OS, you also have the option to download third-party apps from the Play Store – like Strava or Google Fit or whatever takes your fancy.

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