The updated Barracuda X – available in black, pink or white – is physically identical to the previous version. It’s Razer’s most unassuming headset, with plain, elongated plastic earcups with flat backs decorated with almost invisibly embossed Razer logos. The left earcup houses all of the headset’s ports and controls along the bottom edge. These include 3.5mm ports for the boom mic and included aux cable, a USB-C port for charging, a power button, a volume wheel, and a microphone mute switch. The ear cushions are made of memory foam covered in breathable fabric, with just enough material to cushion the ears well without getting too hot. The underside of the headband is also padded with memory foam, but covered in faux leather. These elements make for a comfortable, lightweight fit that doesn’t feel tight or stingy with foam. Razer is generous with cables for the Barracuda X, including a USB-A to male USB-C cable for charging, a USB-A to female USB-C cable for connecting the USB-C transmitter to a USB-A port, and a 3.5mm headphone cable for using the wired headset. The transmitter is a small, rectangular plastic tab like the transmitter on the Barracuda Pro. Unfortunately, Razer doesn’t include a carrying case or even a pouch with the Barracuda X, so you’ll have to juggle the cables and transmitter yourself. The Barracuda Pro’s clever zippered pouch may have been too much for the budget Barracuda X, but a cloth pouch would have been nice to keep everything together. That’s a common complaint with gaming headsets with USB-C transmitters: they’re so small that it’s easy to lose them if you don’t have a place to store them. The Barracuda X is designed to work with PCs, the Nintendo Switch, and the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 through its 2.4 GHz transmitter. It also works with any Bluetooth device without an adapter and supports wired 3.5mm connections. Razer says it can last up to 50 hours on a charge.

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