It’s these improvements that make them an easy recommendation for owners of the original Galaxy Buds looking to upgrade to a newer set of true wireless earbuds, and a competent competitor to Apple’s AirPods. Especially for Samsung phone owners. The AirPods work better with iPhones, but Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 work best with Samsung phones and tablets – though they’re compatible with both iOS and Android. Although we liked the earbuds’ dual-driver design and balanced sound, the Buds 2 have some weak points. Noise cancellation isn’t class-leading, and the frequency range doesn’t start until around 80 Hz, which means you won’t hear (or feel) any of the booming bass. An assistant that always listens is also not available at launch. None of the above is cause for complaint, but they do make the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 a bit weaker in terms of audio and ANC performance than some of the other true-wireless headphones that hit the market at a similar time. It’s also worth noting that since the release of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, the tech company has launched its latest pair of true-wireless earphones. Whether or not these are the right earbuds for you depends on what smartphone you use, how much noise cancellation you need, and what style of music you prefer. However, we think everyone will appreciate the features, performance, and price, even if there are some better earbuds on the market right now. One way to distinguish the Galaxy Buds 2 from their siblings is their design. If the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are most like beans, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are most like pebbles: they are small, mostly round, and very smooth. They fit into a rounded plastic case that can also be easily slipped into a pocket. Once you open the case, you see the Buds themselves in one of four colors: lavender, olive, white, and graphite. The Buds themselves and the inside of the case have their own color, but the outside of the case does not – it is always white. According to Samsung, the new Galaxy Buds 2 are 15% smaller and 20% lighter than the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, making them easier to wear for longer periods of time. The downside to them being a bit smaller is that they are a bit heavier to handle and can slip out of the case and ears more easily.

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