The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is available in two versions: Wi-Fi only (32GB or 64GB) and LTE (32GB); the 32GB model comes standard with 3GB RAM, while the US-only 64GB model has 4GB RAM. This should prove powerful for multitasking. All models have expandable storage (up to 1TB) via microSD and USB-C for charging and data transfer. As for battery life, you can expect 10-12 hours of screen on-time from a full charge, depending on the brightness setting, in actual use scenarios such as watching movies and web browsing. For heavy use at maximum brightness, expect nearly 4 hours before the battery runs out. The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is capable of displaying 81.8% of the sRGB color spectrum based on colorimeter testing. This is far from the ideal 100% and is somewhat less vivid than the iPad 2020 (97%) and Galaxy Tab A7 (101.7%). The screen is bright enough to be used in broad daylight, but it is not the brightest tablet. In our tests, the Tab A7 Lite’s display has a maximum brightness of 315 nits, which is bright enough, but not as bright as the Galaxy Tab A7 (329.3 nits) or the iPad 2020 (484 nits). To check out the full capabilities of the A7’s speakers, remember to go into the Settings menu, tap on Sound Quality and Effects, and turn on the Dolby Atmos option. This setting promises to make the audio coming out of your tablet sound better and more immersive, especially when mixed for Dolby Atmos. there is not a lot of Dolby Atmos content for Android users yet, but turning on this setting will (in my experience) make most music and movies sound a bit deeper and fuller. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite’s capacitive touchscreen offers pleasantly little resistance to fingers and responds accurately to input in all corners. Occasionally, however, response time could be a bit faster; memory- and performance-hungry apps like PUBG Mobile put a noticeable strain on the tablet. Everything runs smoothly in-game, but switching between the Android interface and the game is a bit slower.

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