The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is a bulky but eye-catching device. The first thing you notice is the screen: It’s clear and bright, and we found it to be buttery smooth to use. It’s a large 1.36-inch display surrounded by a raised bezel on the titanium case to protect the watch from bumps. It did take up a lot of room on our wrist, but as someone used to wearing chunky Garmins, it didn’t feel unnatural. However, those used to smaller smartwatches might feel that the watch is too big. The sapphire crystal glass and titanium case is twice as durable as that of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, so it’s ready for any adventure. As befits Samsung’s most durable watch to date, the slightly raised bezel adds a bit more protection and emphasizes the outdoor character. The silicone strap with hinge and pin buckle is exclusive to the Watch 5 Pro, as this sporty strap is not available for the regular Watch 5. It’s very practical and looks elegant with the Watch we tested in the Black Titanium color variant, but I wouldn’t wear it to a formal event. Leather straps are on the way in the near future. The Watch 5 Pro offers a wide range of health features, more than the standard model. Exclusive to the Pro is the GPS “Route Training” feature, which allows you to plan your route. This is done with GPX files, so we can’t imagine too many people will upload their own routes to Samsung Health, but this watch is really for daredevils and weekend warriors: just the kind of people who might do that. Garmin allows you to create GPX route files in the app, something Samsung Health lacks. It’s worth noting that you’ll need a Samsung device and the Samsung Health and Samsung Wear apps to get the most out of the Watch 5 Pro, as everything is provided through the Health ecosystem. Don’t have access to Samsung Health? You can still record information, but the details you can see and access to some features are severely limited. The Route Training feature offers turn-by-turn navigation with haptic vibration cues so you don’t have to look at your watch while running or biking, and Track Back so you don’t get lost. Simply activate Track Back and the watch will guide you back to the starting point along the safest route.

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