The Tile Sticker is a small dot with a self-adhesive backing. It measures just over an inch in diameter and is 0.3 inches thick. By comparison, Apple’s AirTag is about 22% larger. The Tile Sticker is only available in black and is made of textured plastic with a rubber bumper. There are a couple of holes on the front for the speaker and a small rubber button. The adhesive ensures that the sticker sticks firmly to non-porous surfaces like plastic and does not leave any marks when removed. The plastic casing is sturdy, and thanks to the IP67 certification, the sticker can survive a fall into a puddle without any problems. The tracker’s non-replaceable battery should last about three years. If you don’t use it often, we think this estimate is accurate. If you’re not a fan of e-waste, the Tile Pro or AirTag are better choices, though both are larger. Otherwise, you can find information about the recycling program on the Tile website. Unlike the AirTag and Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, all Tile trackers work with both Android and iOS. To get started, download the Tile app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Create an account and enable any permissions the app prompts you for so it can always access the sticker. Once that’s done, hit the button on the side of the tracker to link it to your account. The app lets you customize the icon, name, and ringtone of each Tile tracker linked to your account, but the interface looks pretty basic. For example, if you link more than a few Tile trackers to your account, you’ll have to scroll through a list of unnecessarily large icons to find the one you want. In addition to Tile Locator’s basic features, you can opt for a premium subscription. The premium subscription gives you access to 30-day location history, unlimited location sharing, premium customer support and Smart Alerts. The latter feature sends notifications to your phone when an item you’ve tagged is out of range. Apple offers a similar feature for free with AirTag.

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