Desktop Computer vs. Mobile: which one is best for gaming – Guide

For a long time, desktops were considered the king of gaming platforms. But now there are many other platforms like Playstation, Xbox and even mobile devices that compete with them. From horror games to action adventures to racing games and strategy games, there’s something for everyone. If you’re not sure whether to play mobile or PC, this guide will help you decide. Many of the tasks that are done on a computer can also be done on a smartphone or tablet. For comparison, the processing power of a high-end smartphone is usually on par with many laptops and desktop computers from about five years ago. When deciding whether your next device should be a desktop computer or a mobile device, there are some important points to consider.

Desktop computer vs. Mobile: which is best for gaming


People who work from home or spend most of their day working on email usually don’t mind using a desktop for social media. However, most users tend to reach their mobile devices instead of your desktop. Mobile devices are always connected to some kind of network, be it Wi-Fi or data, so using a mobile device for social media is relatively easy.

There is an app for everything

Some social networks have a dedicated workspace or laptop apps for their platforms, but most networks don’t. For your mobile device, if you use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and so on, there is an app for everything.

data vs. WiFi

A big difference between a desktop and a mobile device is a data plan and the need for a constant Wi-Fi connection. Mobile devices have the advantage of being able to access a mobile network to stay connected to the internet, while a desktop device can usually only use a WiFi connection. If you want to use a network with a laptop, you must use a mobile hotspot to access the Internet.


An often overlooked aspect of using social media is the ease of use of the platforms. Using a desktop can make typing much easier on these networks because you have access to a full physical keyboard. The desktop keyboard is easier because you can access keys with all ten fingers, while on a keyboard mobile device you normally only use your thumbs. However, when using social media to reply to comments or send a quick text via Messenger, using a mobile device is much more convenient. When responding to a long email, on the other hand, a mobile device would be more demanding. It simply depends on the specific use and application need.

Auto correct

On desktops, there is the spell checker in Word that prompts you to correct it with a red line in misspellings words. In mobile devices, this feature often not available on social media. So if you use a mobile device to social media, you should rely on auto-correct.


Many people prefer the ability to multitask when using social media. Ordinary mobile device, you can access apps, change a status, share a song, and even use voice commands to have the device search online.

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