Guide: Don’t Afraid of Having Your Own Opinion

We all have opinions. Some of us have no inhibitions in sharing them with total strangers on the internet or through social media. In some circumstances, two very different opinions collide and all hell breaks loose. And this happens daily, sometimes every hour. Having an opinion is healthy. It gives one progressive nature – a sign that we are improving to be better, better educated and knowledgeable people. But because everyone has an opinion, everyone thinks they deserve to be heard, applauded, agreed with, admired and loved their opinions. The keyword here is “earn,” and they will fight, troll, insult, provoke, and lie to turn their opinion into the common truth. Does this mean you should stop having opinions? Of course not, but there are a few things we have to deal with it when it comes to opinions

Fact vs Opinion

First of all, what is an opinion and what is a fact? Is Pluto a planet no matter what the scientific definition says? Unfortunately Pluto is a dwarf planet. That is a scientific fact. The brontosaurus does not exist. Coffee is both good and bad for you. This is regardless of the view (both yours and mine) that Pluto (as New Horizons has proven countless times) turns out to be so much more extraordinary than all other primary and real planets in the solar system; that the brontosaurus will always be the public’s favorite dinosaur; and that we will still drink coffee no matter what the scientists say. Facts are facts; opinions are opinions. Do not mix up the twoBut if the above three issues prove anything, it’s that even scientists have to change facts as soon as there’s enough evidence to do so. Likewise, opinions can also change.

Opinions can change

Why is it so difficult to have an opinion on the internet? My theory is that it is written down: in your timeline, your blog, somewhere in your chat history. The problem with social media is that your past minds can come back and haunt you The point is that whatever opinions, views, or beliefs you suspected when you were 14 may not be the same as when you were 40. People change, just like opinionsAnd while it’s harder to have verbal opinions about someone, one inked opinion is quite difficult to shake offAnd no one is safe from this, not even celebrities. Is it fair to maintain a status that someone shared against them 5 years ago? If you do, eventually no one will dare to express an opinion at all

Opinions can be wrong

Let’s discuss wrong opinions. Many arguments take longer than necessary because of a special section on how the argumenter is entitled to their opinion, how it is a “freedom of speech”, and how as long as it makes them happy they can say whatever they want. We are not childrenWe don’t come to school the next day and play together again on the playgrounds, totally forgetting the fights and arguments from the previous day. We remember hurtful insults and rude comments and ignorant tirades, and that label you used to completely strip the identity of another to the bare leg. Being entitled to an opinion does not automatically mean that the opinion is correct. It doesn’t lessen the pain of swearing or make it okay just because “you didn’t mean to.” If you want to fight to the death for your opinion, remember that you must be responsible for how you express that opinion, and there is still a possibility that you will be wrong

Opinions need context

Face it, in every argument there is someone who is likely to be wrong and the other person is therefore, by elimination and definition, right. Then why would the arguments take so long? Because of the context. That’s right. Opinions need contextMany arguments cannot be resolved because the people involved in the argument can base their opinion on different contexts Ask if breastfeeding automatically makes a woman a better mother and starts World War III. Speaking of the natural goodness and bonding power of breastfeeding, yes, it has benefits that are good for the newborn. But speaking of breastfeeding to 8 year olds, it’s a whole new ball game (and that’s it because I don’t want to go there). That’s the thing: you can’t generalize with opinions. All of them take shape in this bubble of conditions we call contextWhen talking about topics like abortion, same-sex marriage, female CEOs, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, searching for and connecting with alien life, keep in mind that all of these topics potential for controversy and that’s the kind of place where everyone has an opinion And depending on their context, everyone’s opinion can be correct

Opinions tag you

There are many cliques, gangs and groups online: Android or Apple, PC or console, Chrome or Firefox; here are more technical battles for you to watch. And as with all great battles, there are plenty passionate people on both sides of the war If you have an opinion that aligns you with a group or faction, you risk confusing this sense of acceptance and belonging with who you areYou will be lowered to a label, when in fact you have a personality that is so much more complex and too complicated to summarize in a single label like feminist, hipster, fanboy, grammar nazi or housewife. Beware of chasing opinions you don’t believe in, to be accepted by the crowd. You have your own opinion, shaped by your life experiences, by the things you read, by the conversations you have, and you deserve to bring that up. Discard the labels. You can care about more than two things at once, and just because you’re a hipster or a housewife, it does not detract from the opinion you have to share with the rest of the world.

Your opinion matters

I once attended a publishing seminar by a well-known speaker from a visiting university. During the Q&A session, I asked his opinion on a popular trending issue at the time, but well within the area of ​​expertise of this professor emeritus. He thanked me and replied, in full view of the crowd, “I’m glad you’re asking my opinion, because in academia” opinion “is the lowest credibility.” Opinions can and will evolve; sometimes at the risk of altering your reputation and credibilityAnd however much you are entitled to them, don’t hold on too tightly. Opinions have a way of it imbued with our dignity – it makes us think that if we change our mind, we are weak or weak when in fact we are it is a very natural processlike growing up Just make sure your opinion is great, and don’t be afraid to share it

Share Your opinion

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