It has doubleshot PBT keycaps that feel wonderful to type on and seems to be very well-made. However, the lack of shine-through legends on these keycaps makes them difficult to read in dimly lit spaces. This keyboard is a fantastic option for gaming of any genre because it also has incredibly low latency. Unfortunately, it has merely passable ergonomics. Additionally, even though it has two incline levels, it doesn’t come with a wrist rest, making it less pleasant to use for prolonged periods of time. also you will check our article on Ducky One 3 review .


Even though we’ve mentioned it before, the Ducky One 3 is one of the most attractive gaming keyboards we’ve ever used. Of course, there are lots of variations available if you don’t like the yellows and blues of the Daybreak model we received, from the devoted full-yellow QUACK variant to the cool pastel pink of the Fuji coloring. The vibrant yellows, deep blues, and almost-purple greys of my test unit certainly impressed, and it’s wonderful to see a deck that doesn’t adhere to the traditional black look of a gaming keyboard. These vibrant hues have a high-quality feel to them, and as a result, the plastic yellow stripe avoids feeling cheap (a trap it could have very easily fallen into). Instead, everything has a showy but opulent feel to it because of the top-notch craftsmanship of the chassis and top plate. With color-matched legends (albeit such a design does make them harder to read in darker situations) and a cable runner underneath, the meticulous attention to detail also does a lot to make this feel like a top-of-the-line deck. If you don’t like the yellow accent color, Ducky also offers a variety of different keycaps for you to experiment with. We decided to stick with the traditional blue and grey color scheme, though we did like the novelty Escape key for a pop of color. We were so taken with the appearance that we frequently turned the RGB off to keep things simple.

Ducky One 3 review: Keys

You don’t have to stick with the colorway you chose for your Ducky One 3 when you made the purchase. The ability to customize Ducky’s keyboards is what makes them so appealing. They typically come with a set of keycaps that you can swap out to customize your keyboard. In addition, it’s easy to get appropriate keycaps if you want to design something special. Keycap replacement is really simple. Push a new keycap into position after using the provided tool to remove the old one. It need not be intimidating if you are unfamiliar with the concept of customizable keyboards. You may even swap out your keyboard’s mechanics with the Ducky One 3. The hot-swap Kailh sockets allow for quick and simple switch replacement in the event that you decide the switches you chose aren’t the best fit for you. This eliminates the need to purchase an entirely new keyboard.

Ducky One 3 review: RGB lighting

This RGB LED lighting is fully programmable to any color and can be adjusted to a variety of settings, including constant, moving, or reactive lighting in response to keystrokes. Even while some of them seem wonderful, sensitive old men like me can quickly feel overwhelmed by settings like the Aurora. The keystroke-reactive variants, which can produce flashes, ripples, or fleeting trails of your most recent keystrokes, are much more fascinating and amusing (and possibly even useful to your typing accuracy). Additionally, you can change the color of any of those with a few straightforward key instructions (the most common ones are given here on the side).


Instead of being an all-in-one control panel, this keyboard is made to feel excellent and give speeds that can keep up with the newest games. Plus, even at this budget, you still get all the RGB and macro effects you might anticipate from a gaming keyboard; you just might have to put in a little extra effort to set them up. also you will learn our article on Ducky One 3 review. This is due to the One 3 not having official software. Even though all keys can be programmed, you’ll need to scrounge through user manuals to get the function commands you need to configure them manually on the deck. This is really a disclaimer, but it’s the only significant issue we could uncover with Ducky’s most recent keyboard. You can design your own macros, but it’s rather challenging to do so. The process would go much more smoothly with a dedicated UI, and it can be confusing for anyone purchasing their first gaming keyboard. With a price tag of $149.99, you could anticipate that the software would make it simple to set up profiles and macros, but you probably wouldn’t get a keyboard with this level of craftsmanship, hot-swappability, and opulent feel. It’s undoubtedly a trade-off, but if you’re not a macro power user, making the sacrifice seems simple.


The Ducky One 3’s impressively low latency in regular play caught us off guard. When adding a beautiful mechanical typing experience to the mix, we are used to giving up some of the faster response times often seen with Razer keyboards, but there was little to hold us back during more intense gameplay moments here. We continued to react quickly to events and dodge with the best response times we could muster while simultaneously enjoying the superb typing feel. you can read our article on Ducky One 3 review. The Ducky really shines when you have that vibe. It is a pleasure to type on and play games on the One 3. While the default Cherry MX Reds on our test system were still a little scratchy (as is customary for the brand), stabilized keys were firmly in place with very little wobble, and each key press also had a soft landing. We could only ever detect a very little twang from the backspace and enter keys, and only when specifically listening for it, thanks to that sound-dampening foam in the chassis. Every key generally fell with a pleasant, clear thump.

Ducky One 3 review: Price

The full-size Ducky One 3 presently sells for roughly £170 in the UK, which is a significant expenditure for a keyboard and effectively prices it out of the market for casual users. Although the makers claim excellent longevity (and we can confirm that after several weeks of constant use, it still feels absolutely like new, at least), it can still be justified as a worthwhile investment for the more serious-minded gamers and streamers because of the included spares and hotswapping tools.


It’s hard to beat the Ducky One 3 as a gaming keyboard. It has an incredibly low latency and feels extremely well-built. The Cherry MX Brown switches have a slight tactile bump to get used to but otherwise feel light and responsive. The keyboard is hot-swappable, though, so you may use the switches of your choosing without soldering. It is also available with a variety of additional Cherry MX switches. Additionally, this keyboard includes complete RGB backlighting. Its keycaps don’t have shine-through legends, though, so reading them in dimly lit spaces might be difficult. Any of its keys can be assigned a macro, but because there is no specific software, all macro assignments and setting changes must be accomplished via key combinations on the board itself.

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